Shanna Crumley

Sabbath at the Spectrum Café: New Mexican Enchiladas

My favorite Sabbath meal was passed down through our family from my great-grandparents, who were ranchers and chile-growers in the New Mexico desert near the Mexican border. Having grown up on their ranch, my mother brought the New Mexican food ethic to our kitchen: Always have a pot of beans on the stove, add green chiles to everything and invite people home for Sabbath lunch! 

Take Religion Out of Aid

US State Department intern Shanna Crumley responds to Bjorn Karlman's thoughts on "Why Aid Should Never be Used as Bait for Religion," his blog post on Shanna writes that Bjorn "is a Swede who has spent several years immersed in American culture, attending American schools and marrying a Filipina-American.

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