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Scott Moncrieff

Perspective: Michiana Adventist Forum Presents Panel Discussion on the Millennial Generation and the Adventist Church

On Saturday, February 21, the Michiana Adventist Forum held a panel discussion on the campus of Andrews University entitled, “The Millennial Generation and the Adventist Church.” The article below is a summary of the discussion, written by Scott Moncrieff, Professor of English, and first published in Andrews University’s official student newspaper, the Student Movement on Wednesday, February 25:

Caring for Words Book Club: Why Worry About Words?

Introductory Note:
Welcome to the Book Club discussion of Caring for Words in a Culture of Lies (Eerdmans 2009), by Marilyn McEntyre, professor of medical humanities at UC Davis and the UC Berkeley-UCSF Joint Medical Program. McEntyre is also the author of three books of poems, including The Color of Light: Poems on Van Gogh’s Late Paintings (2007), and other books of scholarly and general interest. I became acquainted with her writing through her poetry books, and when Caring for Words came out and I read it and filed away the idea that it would be great to have her come to Andrews University.

Film Club Discussion: Babette’s Feast


In the climax of Babette’s Feast, the title character prepares an extravagant meal, the like of which I have never seen. My general requirements for food are “healthy,” “easy,” and “quick.” But when friends talk about the Slow Food movement and signature moments where extraordinary food has been a catalyst, I recognize that lentils on rice is not the only way to go.

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