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Rich Hannon

Classic Film Night: Jesus of Montreal


‘Tell me the old, old story, of Jesus and His love.’ - #196, SDA Hymnal

For those who have grown up Christian, or even within a broader Western culture, the ‘Passion Week’ story – Jesus’ last week leading to his death and resurrection – is not only old, but likely very familiar. And here is a potential problem. We already know the details and the ending. We’ve heard it all before, probably many many times. And while familiarity may not breed contempt, it can easily breed indifference.

What Peter Drucker Can Teach Us About the Church

Peter Drucker (1909-2005) was a world-renowned management consultant, university professor and author of 39 books. Perhaps his most significant work was the book titled Management: Tasks, Responsibilities and Practices (1973). Many years back, when I was studying management – out of a mixture of personal interest and professional desperation

The Man Who Planted Trees


True confessions. I write this more as an evangelist than a reviewer. Or perhaps like a lover who’s still crazy after all these years.

My Historical Thought Experiment


A thought experiment poses a hypothetical scenario, often physically impossible or at least highly improbable. It attempts to set up conditions that, if we are willing to wrap our minds around the proposed situation, can help us gain some personal insights. What follows is an exercise I’ve devised and worked on myself for a number of years. You may wonder, after reading it, if I need serious therapy. But, if you’re feeling adventurous, consider the following:

Circling the Mountain – a Critique


The March 2008 issue of Adventist World (NAD Edition) contains an article titled We have Circled This Mountain Long Enough, by Ron Clouzet, director of the North American Division Institute of Evangelism. The article (unfortunately not web-accessible) exhorts the reader to join in an NAD-wide effort to evangelize and baptize 100,000 people during 2009.

Open Theism and the Nelson Pike Argument


In November ’07 the old Spectrum blog site posted an article by David Larson titled Richard Rice Discusses Open Theism, to which there was extensive reader comment.

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

Diving bell.png

Is it ever acceptable to say “I want to die?" How much loss to our physical capabilities could we absorb before the loss also absorbs our humanity? Can there be hope and purpose without a functioning body? These are questions haunting every frame of the current French film The Diving Bell and the Butterfly.

Deconstructing My Bucket List


The currently popular movie The Bucket List stars Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman as improbable ‘buddies’ who meet while in cancer treatment, then learn their conditions are likely terminal. Freeman has been constructing a ‘bucket list’ – things he wants to do before ‘kicking the bucket’. His character is a blue collar, God-believing family man, while Nicholson is typecast as a wealthy, unbelieving, multi-divorced playboy and workaholic.

The Road to Clarity: Seventh-day Adventism in Madagascar

road to clarity.gif

From September 1998 until May 2000, Eva Keller lived in northeastern Madagascar to study the Adventist Church, or more accurately, the ordinary people who comprised the local church communities. She lived with Adventist families, first for 16 months in Maroantsetra, a coastal district government town of 20,000, then for 4 months in Sahameloka, a village of 1000, 20 km. upriver, accessible only on foot. This field work was initially in support of her dissertation, culminating in a PhD in Social Anthropology from the London School of Economics in 2002.

Revisioning Adventism


In the current issue (Fall 2007) of Spectrum magazine Chuck Scriven reports on the Adventist Forum Conference in an editorial titled “Who Will Reinvent Adventism”. In his conclusion he writes:

“Let us now lay down the welcome mat for visionaries. Let pastors and older members and church leaders lay it down. Let the welcome extend to every kind and color of Adventist. Let it extend to anyone who cares enough about the Church to venture forth with a fresh idea. Let doctrinal hairsplitting, together with distrust and suspicion, come to a halt.”

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