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Rich Hannon

Adventist Forum 2007-2008 ANNUAL REPORT


Adventist Forum (AF)

creating community...

It’s the toughest assignment in the Bible; and yet, its status as the New Commandment given by Jesus means it is one that we dare not shirk. How do we go about loving one another? We begin by talking to each other. It is through
significant conversation that we build friendships and a sense of belonging within a community.

Adventist Forum is a lay organization with a mission, a vision, a publication, and a website:

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Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Pastors


The new video from the Florida Hospital Church team, which was shown for the first time last Saturday nite at the Forum Conference.

Now on YouTube.


Forum Conference Vespers & Evening Entertainment


The Conference closed the Sabbath with vespers, led by Dr. David Greenlaw, President of Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences (FHCHS). Music was again provided by Soul Reason. Dr. Greenlaw spoke about an Adventist Journey, using his own experience and maturation process to parallel how the church-at-large has grappled with issues and problems throughout its history. David did not grow up Adventist, he joined the church at age 19. And his father was leery of churches in general - 'They want you to be involved in groupthink'.

2008 Adventist Forum Conference Begins


Welcome – virtually – to the 2008 Adventist Forum Conference beginning this evening near Orlando, Florida. The topic is Christians in the Public Square. For a full look at the weekend agenda click here. Since most people who visit our website will obviously not be able to be with us we hope our web coverage here will be the next best thing (short of video streaming – not this year, but maybe next year).

Movie Classics - The Mission


On January 13, 1750 the kings of Spain and Portugal signed the Treaty of Madrid, which redrew the lines of control between the two countries’ South American possessions. As a consequence seven independent Jesuit missions of the upper Uruguay River (in what is now Paraguay), passed from Spanish to Portuguese control. Four years later the so-called Guarani War (1754-1756) began to forcibly expel the Indians from these missions.

The Singing Revolution


Estonia is a small country, one of three Baltic States between Russia and Europe. Its strategic location has subjected it to almost continuous occupation throughout its long history. Gaining independence in 1920 the Estonians had less than two decades of freedom before World War II began. Then the Soviet Union invaded and, except for a short Nazi occupation, Estonia was firmly held behind the Iron Curtain for the next 50 years.

Malwebolence and the Ring Of Gyges


This Sunday’s N.Y. Times published an article titled: Malwebolence – The Trolls Among Us. The term ‘troll’ is internet slang for someone who intentionally disrupts online communities. Malwebolence is a newly coined word that hacks together mal (bad), web and violence. The people who engage in this behavior operate anonymously and usually cannot be traced, much less interviewed. But the Times author was able to find, then meet and interview several of them.

Digesting Peter Singer

Pete Singer.png

Australian Peter Singer is the the Ira W. DeCamp Professor of Bioethics at Princeton University. He is also arguably the most controversial philosopher alive today. His critics label him “the most dangerous man in the world”. Using an adjective like “dangerous” to describe a philosopher might seem vastly overblown or at least oxymoronic.

The Great American Vegetarian Experiment

America in the 1920s is sometimes called the Jazz Age, a time for experimentation in music and morals. A time of financial expansion and speculation. But it was also the era of Prohibition – when from 1920 to 1933 government legislation declared meat to be illegal and the nation was forced ‘go veggie’.

As that epoch recedes further from our collective consciousness we tend to forget what an impact this great experiment had on the American psyche. But even less remembered is the pivotal role Adventism played in the story.

Born Again - Again!


Whenever I am passing through Chicago and circumstances permit I try to attend a service at Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, IL. Since I live a considerable distance away that isn’t too often. But last weekend I was there.

Willow Creek sometimes evokes strong reaction – both pro and con – within Adventism. But that debate is largely beside the point I wish to explore here. I have never left one of their services without feeling uplifted, and frequently challenged. And that was again the case this time.

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