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Rich Hannon

Reasoning Backwards


The current intense discussions concerning La Sierra curriculum, evolution and Genesis have generated much passion and polarization mingled with some reasonable questions and concerns. It has also produced some suspect reasoning.

Arguments have been presented suggesting that deviation from believing in a literal Genesis, especially a 7th-day Sabbath in this creation context, does serious damage to Adventist doctrinal positions. Consequently we should resist these viewpoints to prevent harm to the church.

Consider, for example, comments made recently on various websites:

So, This Adventist Goes Into a Bar …


Humor and religion. For many Adventist Christians, they mix like oil and water. Religion is a life-and-death business while humor can trivialize important beliefs. And of course, have morally dubious grounding.

But religion – with its adherents’ shortcomings and hypocrisy – is such a fertile field for humor. And a wonderful antidote for fuzzy thinking and pomposity.

We Adventists have long struggled for balance in understanding grace and works. So it is no wonder then that we might also struggle to draw a proper line between helpful and harmful humor.

When People Disagree


Unless you are a hermit you spend much of your waking hours in relationships – with family, friends, neighbors, country and world. In physical proximity to be sure but, increasingly, in virtual space as well. And as we exchange views within these various groups, we don’t always agree with each other.

Forty Years of Spectrum - Art

2-15-2009 12-25-28 PM.jpg

Spectrum Magazine has consistently been on the cutting edge of examining Adventist theology and issues. But it has also frequently featured Adventist art and poetry. During this, Adventist Forum's 40th anniversary year, we will be periodically featuring some of the art from these issues. Spectrum archives are available here. This set of images is taken from 3 different issues in 1969. The artist is Dirk K. Koopmans.

Christian's New Clothes


Once upon a time there lived a poor man named Christian who had a very limited wardrobe. It consisted of only one garment - a robe given to him by his Lord as a present. He wore it to church every week and was content. He didn't care much for fashion and paid no attention to what others were wearing.

Now it so happened that there also lived an itinerant tailor who roamed the earth from end to end. One afternoon he knocked on Christian's door.

And Peace on Earth: A Review of Joyeux Noel


Christmas holiday imagery swirls with scenes of caroling, gift exchanges, decorated trees and church services paying homage to the infant Jesus, whose advent was to initiate Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Men.

And now for something completely different…

Or is it?

December Fundraising Campaign [3] – A Closer Look at Income


In previous articles this month we’ve considered:

1) Our value equation
2) Website costs

In this article we will consider Adventist Forum funding as a whole and how that relates to the website.

First, consider these actual Adventist Forum income totals for the 2008 fiscal year (July 2007-June 2008):

Income Source        Amount

"Faith & Doubt": Surprisingly Alike


The book review in a moment. But first a story. I work part time in the San Jose, California area, although I live out-of-state. A few weeks back my wife Sherri flew out to join me for the weekend — just a relaxing get-away. But she chose that weekend because it also provided an opportunity for us to hear John Ortberg speak at his home church, Menlo Park Presbyterian. We first became familiar with John Ortberg half a dozen years back when he was the Teaching Pastor at Willow Creek Community Church, near Chicago, and we heard him speak when we were visiting the area.

December Fundraising Campaign [2] – A Closer Look at Costs


In the first article this month, we considered our financial needs in general and discussed what value we feel we provide to you, our readers.

In this article we will consider our costs more closely.

December Fund Raising Campaign


During this month The Spectrum Website will be conducting a fund-raising campaign where we will be more explicit in explaining our financial needs and asking you for assistance. If visitation numbers alone were to equate with success we would certainly consider this a successful year: 140,000 visitors, 302,000 visits, 850,000 page views. And the readership growth curve is moving upward. For Adventist news and commentary oriented websites we presently are second behind the Adventist Review in page views.

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