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And Peace on Earth: A Review of Joyeux Noel


Christmas holiday imagery swirls with scenes of caroling, gift exchanges, decorated trees and church services paying homage to the infant Jesus, whose advent was to initiate Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Men.

And now for something completely different…

Or is it?

December Fundraising Campaign [3] – A Closer Look at Income


In previous articles this month we’ve considered:

1) Our value equation
2) Website costs

In this article we will consider Adventist Forum funding as a whole and how that relates to the website.

First, consider these actual Adventist Forum income totals for the 2008 fiscal year (July 2007-June 2008):

Income Source        Amount

"Faith & Doubt": Surprisingly Alike


The book review in a moment. But first a story. I work part time in the San Jose, California area, although I live out-of-state. A few weeks back my wife Sherri flew out to join me for the weekend — just a relaxing get-away. But she chose that weekend because it also provided an opportunity for us to hear John Ortberg speak at his home church, Menlo Park Presbyterian. We first became familiar with John Ortberg half a dozen years back when he was the Teaching Pastor at Willow Creek Community Church, near Chicago, and we heard him speak when we were visiting the area.

December Fundraising Campaign [2] – A Closer Look at Costs


In the first article this month, we considered our financial needs in general and discussed what value we feel we provide to you, our readers.

In this article we will consider our costs more closely.

December Fund Raising Campaign


During this month The Spectrum Website will be conducting a fund-raising campaign where we will be more explicit in explaining our financial needs and asking you for assistance. If visitation numbers alone were to equate with success we would certainly consider this a successful year: 140,000 visitors, 302,000 visits, 850,000 page views. And the readership growth curve is moving upward. For Adventist news and commentary oriented websites we presently are second behind the Adventist Review in page views.

Adventist Forum 2007-2008 ANNUAL REPORT


Adventist Forum (AF)

creating community...

It’s the toughest assignment in the Bible; and yet, its status as the New Commandment given by Jesus means it is one that we dare not shirk. How do we go about loving one another? We begin by talking to each other. It is through
significant conversation that we build friendships and a sense of belonging within a community.

Adventist Forum is a lay organization with a mission, a vision, a publication, and a website:

Click on the cover, below, to view the full report PDF file.

Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Pastors


The new video from the Florida Hospital Church team, which was shown for the first time last Saturday nite at the Forum Conference.

Now on YouTube.


Forum Conference Vespers & Evening Entertainment


The Conference closed the Sabbath with vespers, led by Dr. David Greenlaw, President of Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences (FHCHS). Music was again provided by Soul Reason. Dr. Greenlaw spoke about an Adventist Journey, using his own experience and maturation process to parallel how the church-at-large has grappled with issues and problems throughout its history. David did not grow up Adventist, he joined the church at age 19. And his father was leery of churches in general - 'They want you to be involved in groupthink'.

2008 Adventist Forum Conference Begins


Welcome – virtually – to the 2008 Adventist Forum Conference beginning this evening near Orlando, Florida. The topic is Christians in the Public Square. For a full look at the weekend agenda click here. Since most people who visit our website will obviously not be able to be with us we hope our web coverage here will be the next best thing (short of video streaming – not this year, but maybe next year).

Movie Classics - The Mission


On January 13, 1750 the kings of Spain and Portugal signed the Treaty of Madrid, which redrew the lines of control between the two countries’ South American possessions. As a consequence seven independent Jesuit missions of the upper Uruguay River (in what is now Paraguay), passed from Spanish to Portuguese control. Four years later the so-called Guarani War (1754-1756) began to forcibly expel the Indians from these missions.

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