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Rich Hannon

The Moral Law - Part A (Question of God - Alt. S.S. 7 of 11)


With this session we begin three weeks that focus on Ethics. The main focus this week is to examine Divine Command Theory.

Miracles (The Question of God - Alt. S.S. 6 of 11)


One should expect any non-deistic God to have some active involvement in His creation, not just winding up a universe-clock then heading off on a journey.

Why Believe? (The Question of God - Alt. S.S. 5 of 11)


People believe in God for many reasons and via many different routes. Frequently a person’s lifelong belief equates to the old maxim ‘the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’.

The Exalted Father (The Question of God - Alt. S.S. 4 of 11)


Freud, like Lewis, associated the spiritual worldview with the metaphor of a father. But this is always problematic. Even the best father figures are insufficient as role models. So the more expansive question is not about fathers per se, but what should we use as a model for God? It is to that question we now turn our attention.

Anselm and Perfection

Science or Revelation (The Question of God - Alt. S.S. 3 of 11)


With this session we approach what could be one of the most contentious and impassible subjects to be tackled in a SS class. There is much heat generated on how literally one should read Genesis and whether YEC (Young Earth Creationism) and/or YLC (Young Life Creationism) is mandatory to be a true Adventist or not. One prominent Adventist thought leader has suggested those who do not adhere to such conservative views are, in effect, “Seventh-day Darwinists” and ‘fifth columnists”[1].

The Question of God (A Transcendent Experience) – An Alternate Sabbath School Lesson Series (2 of 11)


Is there really a universal human longing for transcendence? Augustine famously wrote “Thou hast made us for Thyself, O Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in Thee”. But is he right? Is there really a ‘Hound of Heaven’ in pursuit or might any such perceptions, if they exist at all, be better explained as naturalistically grounded in physiology or psychology?

The Question of God (Introduction) - An Alternate Sabbath School Lesson Series (1 of 11)


With this posting I begin an 11 part series structured for possible use as an alternate Sabbath School Study Guide. I will post one lesson/study per week. The springboard for discussion comes from a PBS television program (subsequently released as a DVD) and book entitled The Question of God. The book is authored by Harvard psychiatrist Dr. Armand Nicholi, who also developed and produced the PBS broadcasts. I integrated segments from the DVD into the class. The issues he raises touch some of the most foundational spiritual questions people face.

The Best Films of Hollywood's Golden Age


It is dicey business suggesting potentially great films from any age or genre as tastes vary so much. And to move back toward cinematic beginnings also means that many younger readers will have no idea what is being discussed – it is ancient history.

I make this attempt in hopes of enticing some to discover new and wonderful cinematic experiences--enjoyment and value that you might not otherwise have encountered.

New Server Machine - Finally

As of this morning (Friday 8-14) we have migrated to our new, faster server. It has taken a lot longer and was more painful than expected. And in the days to come we will be working on optimizing it for additional performance.

We hope you missed us while we struggled with terribly slow response times and the website was frequently unavailable :-).

But now you should anticipate a much faster website for quite some time to come. Unless or until we outgrow this machine.

Thanks for your patience. Now let the conversation begin again.

Website Technical Problems - an Update

Since last Wednesday or Thursday we have experienced severe performance problems on the website. Frequently the site has been essentially inaccesible, at other times just very slow.

It appears the basic problem is that the server machine we presently reside on is just inadequate to handle the steadily increasing workload. Our statistics show that the traffic has grown and eventually has overwhelmed the server. Surprisingly this came on suddenly, instead of just incremental, increasing slowness.

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