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Pedrito Maynard-Reid

Good Deeds from an Evil Heart? Sabbath School Podcast on James

Click the play button below for podcast of Alden Thompson, Pedrito Maynard-Reid and Dave Thomas discussing this week's Sabbath School lesson from the Book of James.


Synopsis: Doing, Not Just Hearing

What About James?

James stands unparalleled among biblical books.  Possibly first and foremost, its uniqueness lies in the fact that it is a transitional work that serves as a bridge between the first and second Testaments.  In content and emphasis it can be seen as the last of the Old Testament’s prophetic or wisdom literature, and at the same time, the first of the New Testament’s affirmation of Jesus as Lord.

Wholistic Worship: an African-Rooted Paradigm


This article applies the principles of Wholistic Worship, part 1, to the African-influenced worship experience. Please read The Theater, the Laboratory, the Playground first.


If worship is an expression of love to God, then it must be done with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. It must involve the emotive, the cognitive, and the physical. It must be whole to be a full and true expression of worship.

The Theater, the Laboratory, the Playground


We in the West have been acculturated with a dichotomized view of life and an individualistic anthropology. This worldview and philosophical outlook have affected both our views and practice of spirituality and worship.

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