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Three Angles News - Loma Linda Graduates Win on Meaningful Work Metric

1. Graduates of Loma Linda University rank number one among universities in finding their careers meaningful, a

Three Angles News - Napa SDA School Reopened After Earthquake

1. Napa Christian Campus of Education, an Adventist  K-12 SDA school, was severely damaged by the August 24, 2014 6.0 earthquake in California.

Three Angles News - First Adventist Chapel in Europe Bought by Church

1. The first Adventist church in Europe, a small chapel in Tramelan, Switzerland, that was used until the congregation moved to a larger building in 1968, has been purchased by the Inter-European Divison.

Three Angles News - Adventist Hospital in Ebola-plagued Liberia Stays Open

1. Two Loma Linda University graduates are keeping Cooper Adventist Hospital in Liberia operational, while most other hospitals have closed because of the threat of Ebola in that region of West Africa.

Three Angles News Plus - Adventists Win Right Not to Work Sabbath in Portugal

1. Portugal's highest court has ruled that two Adventists have the right to not work Saturday shifts because of their religious beliefs.

Three Angles News- British Conscientious Objectors Remembered

1. Some Adventists were among 10,000 British Conscientious Objectors who spent World War One in Dartmoor prison. Victor Hulbert, who is creating a documentary about this historical episode, shared his research with more than 500 members of Stanborough Park Seventh-day Adventist Church in Watford, England recently.

Three Angles News - Second Murder at SDA School in Belize

1. On July 25, Stephen Michaels Junior, a 28-year-old teacher at the Ephesus Seventh-day Adventist School in Belize, was found murdered in his home. "One week ago, the body of evangelist Oscar Lambey was found dead in the yard of that school." No connections between the murders have been reported.

Three Angles News- Religious Liberty Celebrated in Zimbabwe

1. Over 30,000 Adventists in Zimbabwe celebrated religious liberty in the country. Southern African-Indian Ocean Division’s Communication Director, Paul Charles, stated that the purpose of the function was for SDAs “To express their profound appreciation to the government of Zimbabwe for the religious freedom the church was enjoying.”

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