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Nathan Brown

Adventist Cookbook Named Best in the World

A book authored by a Seventh-day Adventist nutritionist and published by Signs Publishing has been named “Best in the World.” Food as Medicine: Cooking for Your Best Health was awarded the Best “Health and Nutrition” Cookbook in the world for 2016 at the prestigious Gourmand World Cookbook Awards, held in Yantai, China, May 26-29.

Book Review: Where Are We Headed? Adventism after San Antonio

When retired leaders—be they in the realms of government or the church—choose to speak out about the state of the nation or the church, their interjections are often met with some skepticism and with inevitable questions about why they are speaking now.


It might have been a fleck of dust on the tiny lens of a phone’s camera and no-one noticed when it began. And with so few older photos ever revisited, their missing pixels were only discovered—if at all—after the problem became known. A pixel is just a pixel and most electronic images have millions of them.

At Human Speed: A (non-fiction) story

Day 1—Larapinta Trail, Section 2—Simpsons Gap to Jay Creek—26.7km (16.6 miles)/35,545 steps

In the past year or so, a number of friends have hiked to established pilgrimage routes around the world—particularly in southern France and Peru. While more focused on a “big walk” than spiritual pilgrimage, their experiences had caught my imagination.

Those Military Metaphors

It’s a cheap way to grab the attention, stir the heart, “rally the troops.” Begin by addressing them as “troops” or an army, describe the battle in lurid and urgent terms, then call them to march and fight, live and die in the cause or name of Jesus. It even has some biblical foundation—although probably not as much as we assume—but it is wrong.

The Wanderer

Amid the squealing of brakes, the buffeting of carriages and the general din of a stopping train and a busy suburban railway station, it was impossible to hear the crunch of the tiny bones.

I woke up coughing—as if I had strained my voice—after shouting in a dream

I had been asked to read a short story from a printed page, aloud. The first word of the second line was “system” but it seemed it should have been “systematic.”

I read it the first time and the group of listeners wanted to correct me. Naturally, the response lagged. Three words later the oral editing began—“Systematic”—soon swelling to a chorus of “systematic”s.

I stopped. Still so close to the beginning, I began again.


What a place to disappear. And I mean really disappear.

Like a Song

It was my wife’s little-known cousin’s 21st birthday party in the back room of a suburban bar. We had only recently moved to this southern city—after the band had broken up—so we had been invited to this family event with the enthusiasm that comes with discovering novelty relatives. For our part, we didn’t know a lot of people, we were getting ourselves established in a new kind of life and this seemed an invitation we should accept.

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