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Mitchell Tyner

GC Litigation Efforts: Two Current Examples

The General Conference Office of General Counsel (OGC), which provides legal counsel to both the General Conference and the North American Division, finds itself involved in a myriad of subjects, some of which quietly protect core interests of the church, while others try to foresee and forestall potential conflicts. Two current cases illustrate these two approaches. One will receive less notice than it deserves while the other will inevitably produce more heat than light.

Analysis: The Use of General Conference Working Policy in the Case of Unions that Ordain Women

Why would anyone try to reinvent the wheel when a perfectly serviceable example lay in plain sight?  To do so would seem to indicate either a remarkable ignorance of the existence of the available wheel or more likely a desire to construct more than just a wheel.

Unions and the General Conference - What Happens Next?

NOTE: The author of the following article was asked by Spectrum to address only the legal and enforcement aspects of the San Antonio decision about ordination of women. For discussion of the historical, theological, ethical and moral implications, see previously published articles by Gary Patterson's "Does the General Conference Have Authority?" and Gerry Chudleigh's "Who Runs the Church?"

Roundtable: How Will Same-Sex Marriage Impact the Adventist Church? Part 2

On April 28, 2015, the Supreme Court heard arguments on whether states can ban same-sex marriages, and if so, whether states that ban same-sex marriages must recognize same-sex marriages from states that perform them in the case Obergefell v. Hodges.

Church Adopts Guidelines for Responding to Alternative Sexual Practices

The discussion which resulted in the passage this afternoon of GC Document 125-14G, "Guidelines for the Seventh-day Adventist In Responding to Homosexual and Other Alternative Sexual Practices," (version April 4, 2014) began shortly after the last General Conference Session, July, 2010.  A number of division presidents and others expressed concern as to the church's proper response to cultural changes, specifically the rapid growth in the acceptance of homosexuality as non-deviant and the related acceptance of gay/lesbian marriage as a civil right.

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