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Midori Yoshimura

Sabbath at the Spectrum Café: International Night

If Adventists had an app for rating church potlucks, the Mountain View Japanese Seventh-day Adventist Church might have the best local reviews.

I recently moved to California’s Bay Area, where advice abounds for newcomers. Bring a coat—everywhere. Don’t drive; take public transit. Learn the basics of computer programming. But, the tip that I heard most was, “Go to the Mountain View Japanese Seventh-day Adventist Church—they have the best potlucks.”

Three Angles News - August 5, 2013

The city commission of Collegedale, Tenn., will vote today, Aug. 5, on a proposal to extend family benefits to city employees in same-sex marriages. Tennessee does not recognize same-sex marriage, so if the resolution passes, Collegedale would be the first town in the state to to offer government benefits to same-sex couples.

Update: Commission approves proposal 4-1.

Sabbath at the Spectrum Café: Borsch Fit for Any Table

For one violinist on tour with the New England Symphonic Ensemble, the choicest delicacy of St. Petersburg, Russia, was pizza. “I ate a lot at Pizza Hut,” remembers Keri Tomenko, now an adjunct faculty member of Washington Adventist University who maintains a private violin studio, and is also active in the Suzuki Association. The group’s cook had become ill, and pizza was one of her favorite meals out. “I don’t think I ate pizza for years afterward,” Tomenko adds.

Sabbath at the Spectrum Café: Deborah Madison

In addition to unique vegetarian food stories, “Sabbath at the Spectrum Café” will feature chefs and cookbook authors friendly to plant-based diets.

Sabbath at the Spectrum Café: Baking Bread Worth Breaking

Now a seasoned baker, Marcus Heisler remembers his first loaf of bread: “It looked like it had warts.” The basic white bread recipe may have been specific to bread machines, but not for Heisler’s appliance that he and his college roommate, Kirk Baker, had picked up on a whim at a yard sale. Seeing the machine’s condition, a friend offered them a backup bread maker, which they accepted.

Sabbath at the Spectrum Café: "What the Haystack?!"

A haystack by any other name: nachos, an organized taco salad, Frito pie, or perhaps a petro. If you’ve shared enough meals with Adventists, you’ve probably watched the construction of the ubiquitous haystack, or heard it mentioned, much like the phrase “Happy Sabbath.”* 

Sabbath at the Spectrum Café—Craveable Foods

“The test kitchen was neat and precise; gleaming,” says Beverly Utt, a former nutritionist for Martha Stewart Living. Above the pristine counters, food covered the walls—the pages and glossy photos (“marvelous things,” reflects Utt) of current stories guiding the many hands at work. And of course, the kitchen had great cookware.

Sabbath at the Spectrum Café

If one makes matzo for Passover, an 18-minute window opens. The person (or machine) that prepares it has only 1,080 seconds from the time that the flour and water are mixed together until the time that the matzo is removed from the oven, before the entire batch must be thrown away—symbolic sin, in the form of fermentation, has crept into the dough.

Benjamin Carson Plans for Retirement

The Washington Post recently featured Benjamin Carson’s many roles in an article titled “Benjamin Carson, balancing healing with political activism.” Amidst speculation that Carson would consider a run for the presidency,

Sabbath Lunch at the Spectrum Café: Sweet Potato Tacos

In a tiny room on the island of Ebeye, without chairs, couches, a dining room or a window, Tiffany dos Santos enjoyed the best Sabbath lunches of her life. Scrambled eggs were served on a small coffee table with lumpia (similar to fried spring rolls), a large fish, and other edible offerings every week. A single open door provided the only light, as dos Santos rubbed elbows and knees with the seven friends that became like family that year.

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