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Michael Timothy Nixon

Racism in America: Are We Ready to Talk?

On July 8th, an Adventist publication asked me to write an opinion piece exploring how we as Adventists should respond in the wake of the police-involved shootings that occurred across the country earlier in that week.  I very quickly accepted.

Perspective: How Deep Is Skin?

It was the Summer of 2005, and I was preparing to take my first major step away from home.  I had just graduated from Andrews Academy in Berrien Springs, Michigan, and my friends and I were preparing to kick off our college experience in an unconventional way.  About halfway through my senior year, a good friend of mine told me and some of our other mutual friends that he was going to go to the island of Puerto Rico (where his family is from) for college.  He suggested that we should think about joining him, but the application deadline was fast approaching.  At the time

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