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Matt Burdette

Discipleship—7: Christ and the Sacrament of Baptism

This is the seventh post in a nine-part series for Spectrum’s 2014 Summer Reading Group.

Viewpoint: Adventism, Narcissus

Editor's note: Matt Burdette has written for Spectrum many times and, as you will see from his post, I twisted his arm a bit to get him to write again. His insight and wit have been incredibly helpful to me both when he studied at La Sierra and now as he finishes his doctoral work at Aberdeen, one of the most prestigious universities for theologic work.

Por qué mataron a Jesús: un sermón

Hoy [28 de agosto] se conmemora el movimiento por los derechos civiles y su marcha en Washington, EE.UU. El pasado sábado 24 de agosto, Matt Burdette fue invitado a dar el sermón en la Iglesia Adventista del Séptimo Día en Hightstown, ciudad ubicada en el estado norteamericano de Nueva Jersey. A continuación presentamos una transcripción [traducida del inglés] de ese sermón.

Why Jesus was Killed: A Sermon

Today we commemorate the Civil Rights Movement and its March on Washington. Last Sabbath, August 24, Matt Burdette was invited to give the sermon at the Hightstown Seventh-day Adventist Church in New Jersey. This is a transcript of that sermon.

When “Anti-Christ” Abdicates

This morning I read the stunning news: Joseph Ratzinger—that is, Pope Benedict XVI—will step down from his position as the Roman Pontiff. At first I didn’t believe it. This is basically unheard of. As the New York Times stated, Benedict is “the first pope to do so in six centuries.”

Interruptions—Part I: Canon


To Change the World IV: Trouble Sleeping in the Bed (of Liberalism) We’ve Made

This is the fourth post in a nine-part series for the SPECTRUM Summer Reading Group. The nine posts will be drawn from the chapters of To Change the World by James Hunter. You can find the reading schedule here.

Adventism and Authority

A central part of the Adventist Bible curriculum for high school students is the authority of Scripture. However, one of the areas of weakness in the curriculum is that the course material gives little attention to what the Bible is in more matter-of-fact terms.

A Christian Reflection on 'Columbus Day'

Screen shot 2010-10-11 at 11.02.26 PM.png

Whether or not we can at this point in history refer any longer to America as a “Christian nation” does not change the fact that the myth of America is laden with Judeo-Christian language.

The Shape of Progressive Orthodoxy: Part 3 of 7

Screen shot 2010-04-17 at 2.42.10 PM.png

This is the third installment of my seven-part series on my expression of Adventist Christianity: Progressive Orthodoxy. In this post, I will explain Thesis 2 of the 6 I proposed (see first post), and try to demonstrate the significance of the universality of the gospel.

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