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Summer Reading Group: Body and Death

This is the eighth post in a ten-part series for Spectrum’s 2015 Summer Reading Group.

Cross Cultural Mission

Sabbath School Commentary for discussion on Sabbath, August 22, 2015

Discipleship—6: Suffering Servants

This is the sixth post in a nine-part series for Spectrum’s 2014 Summer Reading Group.

Why Collegedale Voted to Give Family Benefits to Same-Sex Couples

On Monday, August 5, the City Commission of Collegedale, Tennessee, home of Southern Adventist University and arguably one of the most iconic and traditional of Seventh-day Adventist communities, passed Resolution 447 by a vote of 4 to 1, giving family benefits to same-sex couples.

Postmodern Apologetics?—6: Henry and A God of Truth and Life

This is the sixth post of a twelve-part series for Spectrum’s 2013 Summer Reading Group. Each post will be drawn from chapters of Postmodern Apologetics? by Christina M. Gschwandtner.

To Change the World: Cultural Transformation, Then and Now

This is the second post in a nine-part series for the SPECTRUM Summer Reading Group. The nine posts will be drawn from the chapters of To Change the World by James Hunter. You can find the reading schedule here.

Can We Really Know the Earth is Billions of Years Old?: Summer Reading Group—III

Well, yes.  At least that is the answer provided in the first sentence of the chapter.

“Estresando el cuerpo”


Hace aproximadamente un año en una reunión familiar, mis hermanos y mis padres me confrontaron acerca de cuán estresada pensaban que yo estaba. Hasta ese momento yo pensaba que probablemente sólo estaba ocupada. Me imaginaba que mi horario de pronto se aliviaría y volvería a la normalidad. Por supuesto, ese era un autoengaño de los más comunes. Pero la preocupación de muchos de mis seres queridos me obligó a pensar en el estrés, y en cómo podría manejar la situación.

Stressing the Body


About a year ago at a family gathering, my siblings and parents confronted me about how stressed they thought I was. Up till that point I thought I was probably just busy. I figured my schedule would soon loosen up and that I’d get back to normal. This was, of course, self-deception of the most common variety. But the concern of so many of my loved ones pushed me to think about stress and how I might handle it. I’d like to say that I went straight to my Christian tradition, to the principles of Scripture in order to study how to handle it, but that isn’t what happened.

Summer Reading Group: Deep Evangelism


This is the third post in a nine-part series for the SPECTRUM/re-church Summer Reading Group. The nine posts will be drawn from chapters of Deep Church, by Jim Belcher. You can find the reading schedule here.

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