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Leslie Foster


This week's selection of films is focused on artists. The short films explore artists' connection to religion, spirituality, God, country, and war—connections that are sometimes fraught with tension but can bear amazing fruit.

1. Invocation


A recent develop in the film world is the shift of the wedding video from the simple documentation of a day (and something retrieved only on rare occasions) to a polished short film. The short films featured this week are beautiful wedding and engagement videos that span cultures and unique ideas. Most importantly, they're all wonderfully romantic!

1. Patrick and Kimberly


This week's films highlight the creativity of short film directors as they attempt explore new ideas, whether they be in how a story is told or through clever visuals. The ideas range from a pensive zombie story (yes, I did say pensive) to amazing things one can do with just a frame and some tricky editing.

1. Rest


It's time, once again, to visit the wonderful and wacky world of the music video. Here´s four. I never tire of a genre that allows filmmakers to explore their whimsical sides and experiment with ideas that, for the most part, you won't see in a feature film; And when music video directors do cross over in the the feature film world, they tend to bring their inventiveness with them. I'm looking at you Michel Gondry (The Science of Sleep, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) and Spike Jonze (Where the Wild Things Are, Being John Malkovich).

1. Little Boxes - Walk Off the Earth

2. Blow Away - A Fine Frenzy


To continue last week's trend, this weeks videos feature more of the wide range of creativity you can find on the internet, from the inspiring to the simply bizarre.

1. Rolling in the Deep

2. World's Largest Rope Swing

Creations: Creativity

This week's short films are all illustrations of pushing the boundaries of creativity, whether it be in the culinary arts, animation, or in creating a visual counter-theory to solipsism (the philosophical idea that only one's own mind is sure to exist). Some of these gently nudge the creative boundary and others leap past it gleefully; but hopefully all of them will make you wonder what else is possible.

1. Edible Balloon

2. Fresh Guacamole

Creations: Animation

This week, I wanted to focus on the world of animation—from a beautifully crafted commercial to Sunday's Oscar winner. Animation has the wonderfully ability to capture the surreal and the sublime in some pretty entertaining and moving ways.

1. Twinings Gets You Back to You

2. No Robots

Creations—Christian Media

Too often, the words "Christian media" are viewed warily if not with outright frustration by many of us in the film world. It seems so many times to be code for poorly-crafted productions with little attention paid to art, which end quite neatly without much consideration for the complications and messiness of life. They seem a little distant from the model of a parable, which often left the disciples baffled and challenged many of their pre-conceived notions.

This week's films revisit the world of Christian-produced films, from the earnest to the challenging, for your consideration

1. Brian Head Welch - I Am Second


This week's collection of videos has no particular theme other than they are some of my favorite new things on the web right now, enjoy!

1) Snow Globe Los Angeles


One of the truly beautiful results of the marriage of affordable digital video, from webcams to some of the higher end options that independent filmmakers harness, to the internet, has been the ability of a whole range of people to reach out and make an impact. Stories that may have had limited impact twenty years ago, depending on your sphere of influence, have now been given the ability to be rallying cries for a huge audience. Revolutions and movements are beginning to hinge on their ability to keep in contact with the broader world.

This week's videos feature members of the LGBT community, who, especially in the last two decades, have been used as a political football, a litmus test, and a point of religious debate. It's easy to use words lightly and forget that we are speaking about people, with their own unique joys, pains, and fears. Here are their stories.

1. Until We Have Faces

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