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Leslie Foster


In North America, to our great shame, we continue to marginalize and ignore indigenous citizens. This happens in all realms, including art. When we, and I certainly include myself in this, think of Native art, the images that often spring to mind are of artisans recreating ancient folk art. While this is absolutely important to preserve a fading heritage, we can't be ignorant of the indigenous American artists who are weaving their stories and cultures into new forms of expression.

1. Virgil Ortiz


This week's selection of short films begins with a manifesto of gatherings and then continues with two portraits of artists at work. All three of the artists featured inspire and create community in their own unique ways, which I hope, in turn, can inspire you.

1. Kinfolk Manifesto

2. Handmade Portraits: Chain Reaction


Technology and play intersect in some very fun and very serious ways. This week's selection of film's are a peek into a world that is expanding in exciting and awe-inspiring ways.

1. 49 Quadrocopter in Outdoor Formation Flight


This week's short films highlight artists who use materials (such as soundwaves) that you may not have thought of as artistic mediums.

1. Noisy Jelly


2. Brochure

Creations - The Artist's Craft

This week's short films deal with the the journey of a logo, extreme high-speed photography, and the science of sketching. Enjoy!


In honor of Curiosity's successful Mars landing, this week's short films highlight some of the amazing things happening in the world of science.

1. Challenges of Getting to Mars

2. How Big is Infinity?

3. Z Machine: The Art and Science of Making White Dwarfs in the Desert


This week's collection of films is a somewhat random sampling of my favorite new videos from the last month. From creatively-shot car commercials to animated love letters, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

1. BMW 'Bullet' 

2. The Proof That We Are Soulmates


[These are not your grandmother's Sabbath afternoon nature videos.] This week's short films feature artists for whom nature is not only a source of inspiration but their biggest collaborator. 

1. Big Wooden Ball Project

2. Sand Rushes // Land Art


There is some wonderful innovation happening within the art world today. This week's short films feature some of the ideas that have been bubbling to the surface, from using projection in creative new ways to re-imagining what magazines will look like in the future.

1. Speed of Light

2. Østersøen (Ödland, Sankta Lucia)


This week's collection of films takes a peek at possible futures, as visual futurists leap ahead, imagining what could be. These imaginings range from visions of gardens that hover high above cities to 22nd century cars, complete with teleportation devices.

1. Cities in the Sky

2. Liquid Skies

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