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Lawrence T. Geraty

Beyond Fundamentalism: A Short History of Adventist Old Testament Scholarship

“Why don't Adventist Bible teachers meet regularly with the Evangelical Theological Society?” That question was raised recently during a meeting of the Andrews Society for Religious Studies, the professional organization for Seventh-day Adventist Bible teachers.1 (Annually, Adventist religion scholars gather just prior to the annual joint meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature and the American Academy of Religion, the largest North American gathering of scholars in religion.)

How The Adventist Church Changed its Fundamental Beliefs in San Antonio

Work on the Fundamental Beliefs zeroed in on the nuances of specific words Monday at the Alamodome where General Conference delegates gathered for their fourth day of business sessions.

Dr. Larry Geraty's Partially-aborted Remarks on Fundamental Belief 6

Dr. Larry Geraty is President Emeritus of La Sierra University in Southern California and served as a delegate at the General Conference Session when the Adventist Statement of Fundamental Beliefs were adopted in 1980. He is currently serving as a delegate at this General Conference Session.

Singing Through Our Tears: Adventist Music and Great Disappointments

The Sabbath morning “church service” portion of the 2014 Adventist Forum Conference in San Diego, “Singing Through Our Tears: Adventist Music and Great Disappointments,” began with music provided by Dr. Elvin Rodriguez, chair of the Music Department at La Sierra University, and his wife, Linette.  This talented couple performed both solos and duets on the piano and accordion as well as accompanied each other’s vocal renditions.  

Altruistic Giving is Smart Giving

First, the good news: As you can see in the ad on this page, we have surpassed our goal in the Global Community Campaign. Thank you so much for your support. 

Christ and the Sabbath

As we come to a Sabbath day, what kind of feelings do you have about the day?  Is it a blessing or a burden?  Is it an occasion for renewal or a day of don’ts? Is it a day of gladness as the hymn suggests or a day of sadness?

Report from the Cape Town Summit: Day Three

Attendees at the Summit in Cape Town awoke to cooler weather and rain on its third day, Wednesday, March 19, 2014.  

Devotional by John Nixon

Report from the Cape Town Summit: Day Two

Tuesday, March 18, was the first full day of the Cape Town Summit:  "'In God's Image:' Scriptures, Sexuality, Society."  Weatherwise it was another beautiful sunny 70 F-degree day in Cape Town, one of the world's favorite cities.  People have been friendly and helpful.

Report from the Cape Town Summit: Elder Wilson's Opening Speech

It was the opening night of the General Conference Cape Town Summit (March 17-20, 2014), "In God's Image:' Scripture, Sexuality and Society," but it felt like campmeeting or a giant "workers' meeting" — nearly 400 people from around the world greeting one another with hugs and kisses.  The keynote speaker was GC President Ted N. C.

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