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Kendra Stanton Lee

Paul: Background and Call

Sabbath School Commentary for discussion on Sabbath, September 12, 2015

If awards were given for the inspired writers of Scripture, Paul would be nominated and likely win in quite a few categories: Most Prolific, Most Foreign Mission Trips, Most Amazing Conversion Story, just to name a hypothetical few. From what Paul reveals in Scripture of his character, however, he would likely demur all these awards. He is, as he states in Romans 1:1, a slave of Jesus Christ. Not a prizewinner for Christ. Enslaved to Him.

Notes from Roundtable Discussions

“I’ll just stay here,” said one participant in the roundtable conversation hosted by Pastor Mike Fulbright.

This particular participant had enjoyed the prior conversation, “Urban, Adventist, and Incarnational” so much, and as seats swiftly filled at other tables, she elected to stay and engage the topic once more.

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