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Keith Burton

Bishop Eddie Long and the Scandal Before the Scandal


It’s not looking good for Eddie Lee Long-–Bishop of Atlanta’s 25,000 member New Birth Missionary Baptist Church. Just last week, a penetrating spotlight was directed towards this mesmerizing messenger who dines with heads of state and celebrities. It took most by surprise when four young men alleged that their spiritual father had committed unspiritual incest.

Kirk Franklin’s X-Rated Secret


It was a great attention grabber: “Kirk Franklin’s X-Rated Secret.” It piqued my interest, and on Wednesday of that particular week I joined the tens of millions of viewers who tuned in to “Oprah.” During the Queen of Talk’s opening remarks, it soon became evident that this was to be a serious show. My analytical mind was soon to be disappointed when I discovered that “X” was not being used as a symbol for the Christian cross. This “X” stood for “explicit,” “excessive,” and “extreme.” This “X” stood for “censored,” “obscene,” and “crude.”

Mosques, Marriages and the American Mirage


God has been good to men. He gave
His Only Son their souls to save,
And then he made a second gift,
Which from their dreary lives should lift
The tyrant's yoke and set them free
From all who'd throttle liberty.
He gave America to men —
Fashioned this land we love, and then
Deep in her forest sowed the seed
Which was to serve man's earthly need.

A Lesson in Stewardship From the General Conference


If the pundits are correct, the number of Adventists in the city of Atlanta will swell to over 70,000 this weekend.

Blindsided by the Blind Side


The award winning movie, The Blind Side is based on a chapter in the life of Michael Oher, offensive tackle for the Baltimore Ravens football team. The son of a single mother trapped in the prison of addiction, Oher was left to fend for himself as a teenager and eventually became homeless. Enter Leigh Anne Tuohy, a privileged and opinionated White southern Republican, who was so moved to compassion that she “adopted” the socially disadvantaged descendant of African slaves into her family.

A Call For Martyrs


On the first anniversary of “9-11," I was asked to speak for a community guest day at a church in Nashville, Tennessee. If you can recall the social climate at that time, you will remember that nationalistic fervor was at an all time high.

The Power of Soul Force


Although the movie Gandhi debuted in 1982, I did not make the time to watch it until last month.

European Racism and the State of Israel


During one of his visits to the United Nations, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad had an opportunity to bare his soul when being interviewed on CNN.

My African Story


During my thirty hour journey from Entebbe to Huntsville this week, I had plenty of time to reflect on my most recent African experience. In addition to assessing the educational and residential needs of orphans in Kampala, I was one of two main speakers for a vibrant prayer conference in Masaka.

Happy New Life


Our multi-cultural age is entangled in complex ideologies that are as diverse as there are people on the planet. In our shrinking world where today’s plane has eclipsed yesterday’s train, ethnic demographics once thought impenetrable have been altered by rapid rates of migration. Here in America, many immigrants tenaciously cling to their ancestral faith as they exhibit a religious obstinance akin to the first European settlers who shunned the spiritual practices of the tribal nations.

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