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Jonathan Pichot

The Future of Spectrum Commenting

We ran a survey last week to get your thoughts on our commenting system. We know it's gone through a few changes in the past months. These changes have been in an attempt to make the system work better for everyone. We admit, we were hoping it would work out better than it has.

Over 1300 of our readers responded to our survey, and about 45% voted that they would prefer to return to a single-thread discussion format.

24% of you like the way the comments work now, with the multiple threads.

14% of you would prefer that we have fewer threads.

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Taking Ownership of Old Comments

The Ups and Downs of Success

To our readers: Over the past week, our website has experienced increasingly heavy traffic that has presented challenges for our server and, at times, blocked access to the site.

To give you an impression of our traffic, we our now consistently getting 250,000 pageviews a month. That means that our servers sent 250,000 individual pages to people's browsers. That means we are sending a new page to a computer every 10 seconds.

We're back. We're also back in time.

Yesterday, April 28th, we began experiencing some strange activity on our server and website software. We noticed the problem early in the day, and began working on identifying the problem. It appeared to be the result of some database corruption. There are several possible explanations for how this might have happened, but the more important consequence to you, our reader, is that we had to revert to a two-day old backup. This means that we have lost all comments posted in the last few days. We will be reposting our own articles that have also disappeared.

Spectrum site update. Now with new author lists and comment editing!

The Spectrum site keeps improving! We were down briefly these past two days to bring you a new way to find more Spectrum content.

It Lives! Spectrum is back online.

For the past few months, the Spectrum team has been working on a new version of this website. This past December, the current version of our site turned three years old. We've known for a while that we would need to upgrade our system to be able to stay current with the web.

The 2010 AAF Conference in Photos

Enjoy some photos of the 2010 Association of Adventist Forum Conference in Rancho Mirage, California.

The Westin Mission Hills Resort

LIVE - Adventist Forum Conference 2010

Livestream of the Adventist Forum Conference 2010: Present Truth in Visual Media

Saturday, Oct 10
5:30pm PST - Ryan Bell - When What is True is not Pure

Sunday, Oct 11
10:00am PST - PANEL - Telling the Story of Adventist Subcultures
11:00am PST - PANEL - The Role of Film and Television in the Corporate Church

Martin Doblmeier Opens 2010 Forum Conference


Martin Doblmeier, writer and director of the recent documentary The Adventists opened the 2010 Association of Adventist Forum conference. Doblemeier spoke about his experience working on the documentary, what he called 'the adventist' chapter of his life.

Haiti Documentary Trailer Released

Spectrum covered the story of Tim Wolfer and Ivan Labianca when, less than a week after the earthquake in Haiti, the two young Adventist filmmakers arrived in the country. Tim Wolfer has now released the trailer of the documentary on the orphanage they found there:

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