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John McLarty

Perspective: Problems With Adventist Creationism

In response to sketchy reports about the major faith and science conference held in Utah this past August, several of my church members, non-scientists, asked me about the current state of Adventist belief regarding creation. This article is a revised version of a column I wrote for our church newsletter. -John McLarty

Saint Thomas: An Appreciation of an Apostolic Outlier

I belong to a secret fellowship called The Friends of Saint Thomas. We have to be a secret society because in the church—not just the Adventist Church but in the larger Christian Church—Thomas' faith is regarded as defective. Nevertheless, Thomas is our patron saint, or to be more precise, our inspiration and model. 

Thomas' defect is well known: he would not believe unless he saw the evidence for himself. This putative defect was rooted in his twin virtues of loyalty and hardheadedness. 

Mission for the City: A Pastor Remembers His Dream Job

Adventist Church President Ted Wilson used his Annual Council sermon to launch a new initiative: "Mission for the Cities." Much of the message reprises quotes and methods connected to his work in New York City in the 1980s—the same place that Wilson has chosen to kickoff this new evangelism push. Thanks to some astute commenters, I was made aware of Pastor John McLarty's written reflections on being a new pastor in Manhattan during this episode in Elder Wilson's past.

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