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John Brunt

A Parable of Jesus as a Clue to Biblical Interpretation

Why do we need a Matthew, a Mark, a Luke, and a John, a Paul, and all the writers who have borne testimony in regard to the life and ministry of the Saviour? Why could not one of the disciples have given us a connected account of Christ’s earthly life? Why does one writer bring in points that another does not mention? Why, if these points are essential, did not all the writers mention them? – It is because the minds of men differ. Not all comprehend things in exactly the same way. Certain Scripture truths appeal much more strongly to the minds of some than others.1 –Ellen G.

Will There Be Discussion or Rubberstamping of Church Manual Changes?

As most Adventists on the planet know, the primary buzz about the 2015 General Conference in San Antonio focuses on women’s ordination. There is also considerable conversation about proposed changes to the Statement of Fundamental Beliefs. However, the many Facebook and blog posts about the upcoming session have given little attention to the proposed changes in the Seventh-day Adventist Church Manual.

How I Plan To Vote On Women's Ordination

Several have asked if I would post a statement I made in private message about how I would vote at the Pacific Union Conference Constituency meeting August 19. The statement is rather long, but here (in a revised form) it is.

As a delegate to the Pacific Union Conference Constituency on August 19, I will vote in favor of modifying the constitution to allow for the ordination of women pastors for the following reasons:

Dejando lo mejor para el final


El título de la lección de esta semana es terriblemente engañoso. Decir, "todo el resto es comentario" implica que ya hemos terminado las partes importantes de Romanos y que lo que queda es de importancia secundaria, en el mejor caso. Eso sería como decir: "Hemos terminado los cuatro tiempos del Super Bowl [la final del campeonato de fútbol americano], el marcador está empatado, y el resto no significa mucho; es sólo el tiempo extra de muerte súbita. No es gran cosa".

Saving the best for last


The title of this week’s lesson is terribly misleading. To say, “all the rest is commentary” implies that we have now finished the important parts of Romans and what remains is of secondary significance at best. That would be like saying, “We’ve finished four quarters of the Super Bowl, the score is tied, and the rest doesn’t mean very much. It’s just sudden death overtime. No big deal.”

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