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Inside the E 60 Vote

In our continuing coverage of the North American Division vote to reaffirm the E 60 policy that allowed women to serve as conference and mission presidents, we offer the perspectives of four church leaders who were present during that Year-end Meeting session.

Constituents Stand with NAD on Gender Equality Vote

During the 2009 North American Division Year-end Meeting (YEM), delegates voted to allow ordained/commissioned ministers to be conference presidents. The vote was rescinded at Elder Jan Paulsen's request pending anticipated discussion of the issue at the 2010 General Conference Session. Both Elder Paulsen and then NAD President Don Schneider promised that if the discussion did not come to the floor at the GC Session, the delegates at the NAD's 2010 YEM could revisit the issue. During the 2010 GC Session, the discussion never made the agenda.

A Primer on the LSU-3 Lawsuit

Is this a case in which an arm of the Church (that is La Sierra University, through Board Chair Ricardo Graham) merely upheld the Church's religious standards against consuming alcohol and using profanity, offenses potentially punishable by dismissal within the Church? Or is this a case of wrongful termination based on the illegal transcription and distribution of a non-consensual recording of a private conversation?

La Sierra University Breaks Enrollment Record Again

La Sierra University had cause to celebrate during its first convocation of the new school year.

Ricardo Graham Re-elected, But With Concerns Expressed

It is highly unlikely that an incumbent elected official in the Adventist denomination will be voted down in session after being recommended by a nominating committee.

For a brief moment at the Pacific Union Conference Constituency Meeting in Ontario, California, it seemed that Elder Ricardo Graham might be an exception to the rule. Graham, the president of the Pacific Union Conference, came up for re-election during the meeting's Monday morning session.

La Sierra University Employees File Suit

The law firm of McCuneWright LLP, representing La Sierra University employees Dr. Jeffry Kaatz, Dr. Jim Beach, and Dr. Gary Bradley, issued a release concerning a lawsuit filed today in the Superior Court of California of and for the County of Riverside. Named as defendants are Ricardo Graham, Daniel R. Jackson, Larry Blackmer, the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists, the Pacific Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists and La Sierra University.

The release alleges that

An Adventist First: Mother and Daughter Pastors

It’s not often that a mother and daughter graduate together from university. More unique still, a mother and daughter being simultaneously employed as Adventist ministers. Indeed, the story of Nancy Chadwick and Christine Chadwick Wallington, who recently graduated together from La Sierra University, is a first.

Students, Faculty Stand by Dr. Gary Bradley

Shortly after the announcement that La Sierra University’s board chairman Ricardo Graham called for the resignation of Lenny Darnell, Jeff Kaatz, Jim Beach and Gary Bradley, a Facebook page appeared providing a powerful outpouring of support and encouragement for Dr. Bradley, who has served on La Sierra’s biology faculty since 1972, according to the university’s website.

Double-Take: A Second Look at LSU's Biology Student Survey

In a memo dated February 9, 2011, a board-appointed an ad hoc Creation-Evolution Study Group shared its findings with La Sierra University’s trustees.

What Have We Wrought?

We are, we are / The youth of the nation.  --P.O.D.

From Egypt and Tunisia to Bahrain, from Yemen to Libya, the world has watched citizens taking to the streets, shouting, chanting, with banners, signs and flags in massive revolts against dictatorial and autocratic rulers. The uprisings were often (though not always) peaceful, and often were waged by youthful protesters--those in their thirties and younger. They challenged abusive leadership and called for greater participation and power in political processes. And their demonstrations actually changed things.

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