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PUC Wins Lawsuit Clearing Way for Land Sale

The Napa Valley Register reports that Pacific Union College won a legal case that allows the institution to sell its land to a new developer. This comes after legal wrangling with a previous developer after the Angwin land sale fell through. According to the Register:

[Developer] Curt Johansen, had been partnering with PUC for years until a disagreement in 2012 lead the college to break off negotiations. The unhappy developer, operating under the name Sustainable Community Partners (SCP), filed suit to hamper the sale of PUC land to another developer.


NAD Distances Itself from "Preacher's Daughters" Show

The North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists, in a special NewsPoints bulletin, sought to distance itself from "Preacher's Daughters," a reality show that features the daughter of an Adventist pastor in its second season. The bulletin stated,

It has come to our attention that a Seventh-day Adventist pastor and his family are included in a reality television show on the Lifetime Network.

Oxford University Press Releases "Ellen Harmon White: American Prophet"

Oxford University Press may be the latest facilitator of present truth on the life of Ellen White. Oxford has made available for preorder its tome, "Ellen Harmon White: American Prophet," edited by Terrie Dopp Aamodt, Gary Land, and Ronald L. Numbers. Publication is slated for May 16, 2014, and pre-ordered copies will be shipped on April 18.

28 Fundamental Beliefs: If Loughborough Were Resurrected...

The Azure Hills Church in Grand Terrace California is hosting a three-month series on Adventist history entitled "The Advent Movement: Progress or Regress?" In the presentation below from February 22, Dr. John Brunt, senior pastor of the Azure Hills Church examines the story of how Adventists came to hold 28 Fundamental Beliefs, and asks whether formulating the Fundamentals constitutes progress or regress when compared with the attitudes and beliefs of Adventism's founding members.

Stewart Bainum, Sr., Adventist Businessman and Philanthropist Dies

The Takoma Academy Alumni Affairs office has announced the passing of Seventh-day Adventist businessman and avid supporter of Adventist education. Bainum was 94 years old. According to the release, he died February 12, 2014 following complications from pneumonia. 

The memo, sent to Takoma alumni via email offers this short bio:

How Adventists Started Believing in the Trinity

The Azure Hills Church in Grand Terrace California hosts a series on Adventist history entitled "The Advent Movement: Progress or Regress?" In this presentation, Dr. Gilbert Valentine, Chair of the Education Department at La Sierra University, offers a historical look at how and why the forebears of the Seventh-day Adventist Church evolved in their thinking on the Trinity. (See other videos from the lecture series here.)

Upcoming topics in the series:

Adventist Fundamental Beliefs—John Brunt

ANN Removes Article Indicating Movement Toward Women's Ordination Worldwide

The Adventist News Network (ANN) first published, then removed an article that reported increasing favorability toward women's ordination worldwide.

ANN Confirms Shift Toward Acceptance of Women's Ordination

The Adventist News Network, the official news outlet of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, confirmed Tuesday that the takeaway from the recent General Conference Theology of Ordination Study Committee (TOSC) meetings is that "At least 10 of the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s 13 world division Biblical Research Committees say they would either recommend the ordination of women to ministry or would allow it in some world regions without the matter har

Ben Carson Joins Newt Gingrich's Anti-Obamacare PAC

Retired Seventh-day Adventist neurosurgeon, Fox News contributor, and Tea Party favorite Dr. Benjamin Carson has teamed up with Newt Gingrich's American Legacy political action committee to spearhead a new initiative called "Save Our Healthcare." In a fundraising letter to those on the American Legacy mailing list, Dr. Carson explained the anti-Obamacare project and his role as its chairman:

So, Who Exactly Runs The Adventist Church?

The Azure Hills Church in Grand Terrace California hosts a series on Adventist history entitled "The Advent Movement: Progress or Regress?" Pacific Union Conference* communications director Gerry Chudleigh kicked off the series with a presentation entitled "Who Runs the Church," in which Chudleigh explored the history of the stratification of church leadership, and where the locus of power was originally intended to be.

Upcoming topics in the series:
The Doctrine of the Trinity—Gil Valentine
Adventist Fundamental Beliefs—John Brunt

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