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Pacific Union Conference Distributes Materials; Women's Ordination Opponents Push Back

On August 19, the Pacific Union Conference (PUC) will vote a proposed bylaws change that would allow the union to ordain women and men alike. In anticipation of the special constituency session, PUC has launched a website with material for delegates and the public.

PUC President Ricardo Graham's photo appears at the top of the website alongside this message:

Huffington Post Covers Disinvitation of Adventist Anti-bullying Ministry

The Huffington Post's Religion Blog shared an article about Carrol Grady's disinvitation from the North American Division teacher's convention in Nashville this week. Grady, who planned to share anti-bullying materials at a convention booth, received word from convention center personnel that she would not be allowed an exhibition space after she had already paid for a booth and travel to and from Nashville.

Newsweek Names Pacific Union College Most Beautiful; Southern Among Most Conservative

A Newsweek/Daily Beast ranking of "Best Colleges for You" places Pacific Union College atop the list of most beautiful colleges in the United States. According to an explanatory video posted online, colleges were ranked based on "the grand triumvirate" of beautiful things: students, weather and campuses. The Angwin, California liberal arts college topped Bucknell University, Point Loma Nazarene University, Chapman University, and Santa Clara University.

Sabbath Sermon - Junia: Inside Out

Dr. Kendra Haloviak Valentine, a professor of New Testament Studies at La Sierra University, spoke at the Azure Hills Church in Grand Terrace, California during a sermon series entitled "God of the Outcast: Stories of Faith at the Margins." In this sermon, Dr. Valentine discusses the Christian Church's marginalizing of the Apostle Junia, pushing the apostle from the inside out.

Video: CUC President David Weigley's Closing Remarks

Comments from Columbia Union Conference President David Weigley at the conclusion of the special constituency Session on Sunday, during which delegates voted in favor of authorizing ordination without regard to gender. Video courtesy the CUC website.

Creation Seventh Day Adventist Church Associate Surrenders to Redlands Police

REDLANDS, CA - Lucan Chartier, associate to Creation Seventh Day Adventist Church pastor Walter "Chick" McGill, turned himself in to authorities Tuesday after a long wait at the Redlands Police Department. A federal warrant for Chartier's arrest had been issued when he and McGill refused a court order to stop using the name Seventh Day Adventist in a six-year long trademark dispute with the Seventh-day Adventist denomination. The 26-year old Chartier planned to be arrested after a press conference in the parking lot behind the Loma Linda University Church.

Columbia Union Conference Approves Women's Ordination

After hours of discussion including speeches from General Conference president Ted Wilson, GC vice-president Lowell Cooper, and North American Division president Daniel Jackson, the Columbia Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists voted 209 to 51 to authorize ordination to Gospel ministry without regard to gender. With their vote, the CUC joins the Nothern German Union in enacting ordination equality. The Pacific Union Conference will vote on a similar provision on August 19.

LIVE: Updates from the CUC Constituency Meeting

The Columbia Union Conference became the first union in the North American Division whose constituents authorized ordination without regard to gender. You can read the live updates from the session as they happened by clicking the link below.

Creation Seventh Day Adventist Pastor Imprisoned, Fasting

Pastor Walter “Chick” McGill, the leader of a small congregation in the town of Guys Tennessee, is serving time in a San Bernardino County prison for his use of the name “Seventh Day Adventist.”

Adventists in Politics: Healers of the Nations?

This Saturday, May 12, four members of the Adventist community will speak at the Loma Linda University Damazo Amphitheater about their involvement in local and national politics. Ronald Daily, a member of the Loma Linda City Council; Bill Emmerson, a California State Senator; Justin Kim, a candidate for U.S. Congress and Doug Welebir, a past mayor of the City of Loma Linda will talk about the intersections of faith and the public arena. Should more Adventists run for office, or are there good reasons not to?

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