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First and Long for Sabbath Super Bowl Ad

If Leo Schreven, founder of All Power Ministry, succeeds, his Sabbath-themed television ad being prepared for Super Bowl XLVI in 2012 will be the first commercial in Super Bowl history to promote a distinctly sectarian message during the game. But in the case of this ad, the if is a very big one.

Leo Schreven: Taking Sabbath to the Super Bowl [UPDATED]

A conversation with businessman, pastor and evangelist Leo Schreven about an ad being planned for Super Bowl XLVI in 2012.

Top 10 Films of 2010 for Spectrum Moviegoers


My picks for the best, most relevant films of 2010.

10. Waiting for Superman

    This documentary analyzes public education in the United States with a keen, critical eye. More, it spells out the problems facing public education with hard facts and humanizes the issue through the stories of kids whose futures are at stake.

Committed Wins: Adventists Sweep NBC's "Sing-Off" Competition


In an exciting season finale of NBC's The Sing-Off, Huntsville a cappella sextet, Committed out-sang three other groups to win season two. The victory for the group means that Seventh-day Adventist singers have swept the contest since its 2009 debut. Like the Committed six who all have ties to Oakwood University, season one winners, Nota, who hail from Puerto Rico, also originated in Adventist schools.

Winning brings Committed $100,000 in prize money and a Sony Music record deal.

Narnia: Magic for Adventists


When I was a kid in youth group, our Sabbath School teacher showed us segments from the DreamWorks screen adaptation of C.S. Lewis's "The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe." One girl, the pastor's daughter, as I recall, refused to watch the clips on the basis that Narnia's magic was evil. No, she hadn't seen it. No, she hadn't read Lewis's other writings, including "Mere Christianity." She knew all she needed to know. Witches and dwarves and fauns were satanic, plain and simple.

Adventist News Roundup: LLU = $$$ Edition


Here are some headlines from around the Adventist community.

Oakwood University Vocalists Star on NBC's "Sing-Off"


The a capella group "Committed" from Huntsville Alabama is singing its way to stardom on season two of the NBC reality show The Sing-Off.

Remembering A. Graham Maxwell

Picture 1.jpg

On November 28, 2010, Dr. A Graham Maxwell passed away. Maxwell was a minister, teacher, mentor and friend whose emphasis on God's love had a profound impact throughout the Adventist community and beyond.

Mt. Ellis Won $500K and All I Got Was This T-Shirt

MEA copy.jpg

The young Sevy entrepreneurs at eighteenfortyfour.com are determined to turn Mt. Ellis Academy's remarkable coup in the Kohl's Cares contest into even more cash. The Internet t-shirt sellers have released a line of casualwear sporting the words "I Voted For Mt. Ellis."

Congratulations! Now What? Q & A with Mt. Ellis Academy's Principal


In September Mt. Ellis Academy in Bozeman, Montana won $500,000 in the Kohl's Cares contest on Facebook. After finally receiving the check, Mt. Ellis principal Darren Wilkins takes time to talk about the contest and the outlook for Adventist education.

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