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Announcement of Women's Ordination Brings Tears, Cheers

On March 2, 2012, Azure Hills Church Senior Pastor John Brunt preached a sermon on bearing witness, in which he called for the ordination of women in the Adventist denomination. Three weeks later, members of the Southeastern California Conference Executive Committee voted to ordain women.

Southeastern California Conference Executive Committee Votes to Ordain Women

Southeastern California Conference Interim Communicaiton Director Enno Mueller issued a release Thursday announcing that SECC will move ahead with the ordination of women. The statement issued by email and on the SECC website states that this action will immediately take effect.

Ordination Equality Gains Momentum

Some day when church historians look back at this era, 2012 may prove to be the year when the tide turned in favor of ordination equality in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. On New Year's Day, a group composed of pastors, scholars, theologians and administrators launched an initiative called ONE in Christ, ONE being an acronym for Ordain Now Equally. The initiative builds on momentum from recent actions taken by the North American Division and the Trans European Division to allow commissioned ministers to serve as conference presidents.

Half the Sky: Microfinance and Opportunities for Women

On the whole, Sheryl WuDunn and Nicholas Kristof do an exemplary job of taking complex and thorny issues, illustrating them with compelling narratives, giving them human faces and proposing viable solutions to seemingly intractable problems.

However, in chapters eleven and twelve of Half the Sky, as the authors move from the descriptive task of characterizing the oppression of women to the prescriptive task of suggesting fixes, they open themselves to critique. I offer mine below.

LSU-3 Case Moves Forward in Riverside Court

Riverside County Superior Court Judge Ronald L. Taylor presided over preliminary hearings involving three La Sierra University employees who have filed suit for wrongful termination. The plantiffs, Dr. James Beach, Dr. Gary Bradley, and Dr.

Woman Pastor "Set Aside" in Australia

On a "High Sabbath" celebration in Melbourne, gender disparity in Adventism reached a low point.

Half the Sky: Sexual Honor, Violence and Maternal Health

Kristof and WuDunn traverse some very thorny ground in their fifth chapter of Half The Sky--The Cult of Virginity, Idealized Chastity, Hymen Worship and Honor Killings. Texts from societies around the world idealize female chastity, but the most chilling and maddening may be the biblical command to stone to death a girl who does not bleed on her wedding sheets. It is with this text, Deuteronomy 22:13-21, that the authors begin their examination of sexual honor and violence.

Inside the E 60 Vote

In our continuing coverage of the North American Division vote to reaffirm the E 60 policy that allowed women to serve as conference and mission presidents, we offer the perspectives of four church leaders who were present during that Year-end Meeting session.

Constituents Stand with NAD on Gender Equality Vote

During the 2009 North American Division Year-end Meeting (YEM), delegates voted to allow ordained/commissioned ministers to be conference presidents. The vote was rescinded at Elder Jan Paulsen's request pending anticipated discussion of the issue at the 2010 General Conference Session. Both Elder Paulsen and then NAD President Don Schneider promised that if the discussion did not come to the floor at the GC Session, the delegates at the NAD's 2010 YEM could revisit the issue. During the 2010 GC Session, the discussion never made the agenda.

A Primer on the LSU-3 Lawsuit

Is this a case in which an arm of the Church (that is La Sierra University, through Board Chair Ricardo Graham) merely upheld the Church's religious standards against consuming alcohol and using profanity, offenses potentially punishable by dismissal within the Church? Or is this a case of wrongful termination based on the illegal transcription and distribution of a non-consensual recording of a private conversation?

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