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President of Church in North America Preaches from Stories of Deborah and Ariadna

SILVER SPRING - North American Division Vice President Alvin Kibble provided words of greeting Sabbath morning at the North American Division Year-end Meeting. He called the day one of the high Sabbaths of the year. “There’s got to be something special when you’ve got the leaders of the Church worshiping with their families,” Kibble told the audience.

For the Record: North American Division Appoints 14 Leaders at 2015 Year-end Meeting

SILVER SPRING - The North American Division Year-end Meeting continued Friday morning with the first report from the Nominating Committee.

Unions caucused Thursday to appoint their representatives on the nominating committee. The following individuals made up the committee tasked with recommending names for approval by the voting body:

Atlantic Union
Donald King
G. Earl Knight
Linda Griffin (layperson)
Maria Barreto (layperson

Mark Johnson
Ron Francis (layperson)

In Letter to Associates, Mannatech Details Link to Ben Carson

During Wednesday's Republican debate hosted by CNBC, questions arose over GOP frontrunner Ben Carson's links to supplement maker Mannatech that has been embroiled in legal actions over claims of false advertising. Carson denied that he had a relationship with Mannatech, calling the suggestion, "total propaganda." Videos of Carson endorsing Mannatech products remained on the Mannatech website until very recently.

Ryan Bell Disinvited from Speaking at Pacific Union College

Former Adventist Pastor-turned-humanist, Ryan J. Bell, was disinvited from speaking to students at Pacific Union College "to keep the institution true to its mission as a Seventh-day Adventist institution of higher learning owned and maintained by the Adventist Church," university president Heather Knight said.

Dan Jackson Shares 12* Dreams for the Church as NAD Year End Meetings Begins

SILVER SPRING - The North American Division Year End Meetings began Thursday with a sweeping vision for the Church in North America. The morning's business session began with a video presentation featuring James Nix, the director of the Ellen White Estate. Nix told the story of an instance in which Ellen was going to sign a book deal with a non-Adventist publisher, but when she was about to sign the contract, she saw an angel indicating that she shouldn't sign. So she refused.

The Race to Define Seventh-day Adventists for the Public

With Dr. Ben Carson narrowly, but undeniably in the lead among Republican contenders for the White House, the Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America finds itself in a somewhat precarious new place.

Carson Moves into GOP Lead, His Adventist Faith Comes to Fore

Republican presidential hopeful, Dr. Ben Carson has surpassed Donald Trump as leader among GOP candidates for the White House. In a CBS/New York Times poll released today, the retired neurosurgeon bumped businessman Donald Trump from the top spot. The poll showed Carson with the support of 26% of prospective GOP voters to Trump’s 22%, though the difference between the two fell within the margin of error.

Washington Conference Adopts Policy Granting New Rights to Commissioned Ministers

The Seventh-day Adventist Church in the State of Washington adopted a policy Tuesday, October 20 that grants new rights to commissioned ministers within the Washington Conference.

Seventh-day Adventist Church in Italy Reaffirms Committment to Ordaining Women

Two years ago, October 15, 2013, the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Italy published on its Adventist News website an article entitled La Chiesa avventista italiana favorevole all’ordinazione delle donne pastore (The Italian Adventist Church favors the ordination of women pastors).

Adventist Church in the Netherlands: "Leaders - All Genders May Apply"

The Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Netherlands has created a new website that places gender parity literally front and center. The home page of the website, www.womensordination.nl  (also in Dutch at www.vrouweninzegening.nl), reads "Leaders *all genders may apply." 

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