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Perspective: An Organ Performance Too Contentious for Adventist Review

Pope Francis’ recent visit to the United States, his first since becoming pope, provided an opportunity of a lifetime for one Seventh-day Adventist musician, but the story proved too contentious for official Adventist media coverage.

Joy-Leilani Garbutt has loved the organ and wanted to play it as far back as she can remember.

“I began organ lessons when I was about 10 years old, and shortly after that started playing hymns for church,” Joy told me in email correspondence.

President Ted Wilson Creates Facebook and Twitter Accounts

The president of the Seventh-day Adventist Church has finally joined the world of social media. Using @PastorTedWilson on Twitter and /PastorTedWilson on Facebook, Ted N. C. Wilson launched social network accounts on October 1st in order to communicate more effectively and directly with people, he said in the Adventist Review.

A small team of media personnel will help manage Wilson's accounts, but all social media communication will pass through his office, he said.

Adventist Health System Agrees to Record Settlement in Whistleblower Lawsuit

Altamonte Springs, Florida-based Adventist Health System will pay nearly $119 million to settle a 2013 lawsuit brought by three whistleblowers, all former employees of Park Ridge Health in Henderson, North Carolina. The settlement nearly doubles a previous U.S. record settlement of $69.5 million, paid just last week by Broward Health, whose headquarters are in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in a "scheme of mutual enrichment" between Broward and its physicians.

Adventist Health System said in a statement Monday,

New Adventist Website Announces the Demise of the General Conference

A group of Adventists has created a website announcing the demise of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. "RIP GC: An Adventist Funeral," reads the banner atop the web page.

Spectrum Commenting Policy Extended

In August, at the direction of the Adventist Forum Board, the organization that publishes Spectrum Magazine, Spectrum implemented a new commenting policy on a trial basis. The policy emphasized quality of commenting over quantity, and asked Spectrum readers to limit themselves to one comment per article, except in cases when authors responded directly to commenters. A 30-day trial period expired last week just before the Board's Fall meeting in Glendale, California. 

Seventh-Gay Adventists Companion Film Premieres This Weekend at UltraViolet Festival

This weekend at the Spectrum UltraViolet Arts Festival in Glendale, California, the new film project from Daneen Akers and Stephen Eyer, the producers of Seventh-Gay Adventists, will debut. The film entitled "Enough Room at the Table" is created to be a companion to the SGA Movie, and seeks to answer the question, "What Next?" Daneen and Stephen will not be in attendance, but arrangements have been made for a conversation following the screening to be facilitated by Chris Blake.

Editorial: I Need Art to Blow Salty Sea Breeze into my Stale Room

When the Seventh-day Adventist Church tells its story, describing itself to those within or those outside, a fairly predictable cadre of storytellers come to the fore: theologians, administrators, televangelists...sometimes pastors, sometimes teachers.

Why Sabbath Was Such A Fitting Topic for Oliver Sacks' Final Essay

A few years ago, my dad announced that he had discovered a family relative that none of us knew, living in Pennsylvania. He made contact on Facebook with this long-lost (or more appropriately, heretofore unknown) cousin. They subsequently met in real life, and struck up a correspondence. Although the cousin was my dad’s age, I also added her as a Facebook friend. It was interesting to see, with help from social media, the ways she resembled my dad’s side of the family and the ways she was different.

NPUC Affirms Women Leaders, Cancels Ordination Constituency Meeting

News broke this afternoon that the North Pacific Union Conference voted to rescind its current plan to hold a special constituency session on women's ordination. The following release was published in the Gleaner, the NPUC's official magazine:

BREAKING: North Pacific Union Votes to Cancel Ordination Constituency Session

The North Pacific Union (NPUC) has voted to cancel a previously-planned special constituency session aimed at discussing ordaining women.

The decision not to hold the special session came at the end of today's NPUC Executive Committee Meeting, and was announced on Twitter just after 4:00pm Pacific Time.

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