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Desmond Ford on the Atonement (Video Added)


When Desmond Ford speaks, Adventists still listen. In fact speaking with people who heard Dr. Ford's presentation, it became clear that much, if not most, of Adventism is aligned theologically with Desmond Ford where atonement is concerned. Imagine that! Adventism and Desmond Ford in agreement.

The live updates hit a slight SNAFU amid my running to and fro at Loma Linda today. Namely, my computer decided to wipe all my notes from Dr. Ford's presentation. You know what they say about the best laid plans...

LiveBlogging - Built Ford Tough

Dr. Ford sits on the platform in the Campus Hill Church in Loma Linda poised to address Adventism. It's the moment we've been waiting a long time for. This moment is a significant one in the long story of the relationship between Desmond Ford and the Adventist Church.

A hush has fallen over the audience. Larry Christoffel, associate pastor of the Campus Hill Church, introduces this evening's program with this question, "How can a man be in the right before God?"

LiveBlogging - Des Ford

It's a hot day in Loma Linda, and the hot topic of the afternoon is Dr. Desmond Ford's presentation on the Forensic Theory of Atonement in Light of the Christian Gospel.

We're in the Loma Linda Campus Hill Church, which is just about the highest point in Loma Linda, and we anticipate that Dr. Ford's presentation this afternoon will be the high point of this theologically packed weekend.

This presentation is as anticipated for the presence of Dr. Ford in an official Adventist gathering as for the content of the presentation itself.

Jesus Going Down - Good News Tour

Randy Roberts.jpg

"Would you please schedule me to speak at the meeting where you expect the lowest attendance?"

Continuing the live updates from the Good News Weekend in Loma Linda, we bring you Randy Roberts, senior pastor of the Loma Linda University Church with a hard-hitting message of the radical servanthood of God-made-flesh.

As a culture, Roberts says, we're a people always looking for a way up. We praise the winsome, lovely and prominent among us - those on the way up. We want a winsome, lovely savior, an image of Jesus that is "up the ladder."

LiveBlogging the Good News Tour - Manuel Silva


Good morning and welcome to live updates from the Good News Tour. I'll be sharing updates in real time of the presentations in Loma Linda this weekend, both the Good News Tour and Desmond Ford's presentation at the Campus Hill Church this afternoon at 3:00. I hope to be able to share not only reports throughout the day, but also (if all goes well) video clips with interviews of some of this weekends participants.

I am writing from the Loma Linda University Church where the Good News Tour is in full swing.

Sarah Palin: The Faith Vote, Creationism and Sexism


Seemingly out of nowhere, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has burst onto the political landscape as potentially the first woman vice-president in American history alongside Senator John McCcain. Sarah Palin's stances on issues make her a key ally of faith voters that comprise a large bloc of the Republican base. Palin opposes abortion rights and gay rights, but supports creationism in public schools in addition to evolution.

Pacific Press® publishes “Character of God Controversy”

God Controversy.jpg

For those interested in the conversation about the Good News Tour, Desmond Ford, and questions on the character of God, a new from book Pacific Press Publishing entitled "The Character of God Controversy" adds an interesting twist.

Adventist Poetry Redux: The Winners Are...

blue ribbon.jpg

Well it's no secret that Spectrum is a (THE) place for the convergence of Adventism, culture, conversation and the arts. So when I made a call for Adventist poetry, the dozens of original, inspired and inspiring entries that poured in were nothing short of Adventism's finest.

Here are some selected favorites from among the many outstanding poems we received.

La Sierra University Going Green


La Sierra University hopes to bring a new look to its Riverside, California campus: Green. Vice President for Student Life Yamileth Bazan, with the help of both students and faculty, hopes to make environmental responsibility a mainstay of Adventist higher education at LSU.

The plan to green La Sierra encompasses changes from the macro, institutional level to lifestyle changes on the personal level.

Variations on a Dream


Forty-five years ago on this day August 28, 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by whose prophetic light we see today, spoke to the world from our nation’s capitol with the words of a dream. A dream that one day, justice would roll down like a mighty water to all men and women irrespective of biological makeup or physicality.

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