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Sarah Palin: The Faith Vote, Creationism and Sexism


Seemingly out of nowhere, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has burst onto the political landscape as potentially the first woman vice-president in American history alongside Senator John McCcain. Sarah Palin's stances on issues make her a key ally of faith voters that comprise a large bloc of the Republican base. Palin opposes abortion rights and gay rights, but supports creationism in public schools in addition to evolution.

Pacific Press® publishes “Character of God Controversy”

God Controversy.jpg

For those interested in the conversation about the Good News Tour, Desmond Ford, and questions on the character of God, a new from book Pacific Press Publishing entitled "The Character of God Controversy" adds an interesting twist.

Adventist Poetry Redux: The Winners Are...

blue ribbon.jpg

Well it's no secret that Spectrum is a (THE) place for the convergence of Adventism, culture, conversation and the arts. So when I made a call for Adventist poetry, the dozens of original, inspired and inspiring entries that poured in were nothing short of Adventism's finest.

Here are some selected favorites from among the many outstanding poems we received.

La Sierra University Going Green


La Sierra University hopes to bring a new look to its Riverside, California campus: Green. Vice President for Student Life Yamileth Bazan, with the help of both students and faculty, hopes to make environmental responsibility a mainstay of Adventist higher education at LSU.

The plan to green La Sierra encompasses changes from the macro, institutional level to lifestyle changes on the personal level.

Variations on a Dream


Forty-five years ago on this day August 28, 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by whose prophetic light we see today, spoke to the world from our nation’s capitol with the words of a dream. A dream that one day, justice would roll down like a mighty water to all men and women irrespective of biological makeup or physicality.

Un-conventional Praying?


Donald Miller, best-selling author of Blue Like Jazz led the Democratic National Convention in prayer on the first night of their gathering in Denver. Noteworthily, Miller prayed to God the Father and ended in the name of Jesus. What is going on in America? And what was with the first public “debate” of the Presidential Elections happening in church?

Ryan Bell on Recovering an Authentic, Credible Evangelism


Recent conversation here on the Spectrum blog has featured a robust discussion of evangelism--its content and its methods. Over the weekend, pastor-blogger Ryan Bell shared his sweeping vision for reclaiming Adventist evangelism, tackling the myth that anything that brings people to Jesus is necessarily good.

Speaking at SoCal's Glendale City Church, Bell stated flatly that evangelism, both the word and the practice, is in bad shape.

Bloggers' Reflections on the Beijing Olympic Games

Beijing Olympics.jpg

The Games of the XXIX Olympiad showcased humanity at its finest--pageantry, artistry, athleticism, unity, but also humanity at its poorest--nationalistic trash-talking, violent attacks, and biased judging.

I watched the Opening Ceremonies impressed over and over by the sheer spectacle of surging human waves with lights and sounds and a torch-bearer running through the sky around the perimeter of Beijing's now-immortalized Bird Nest.

The Labels We Use


Over the weekend, I’ve been engaged in an ongoing conversation with Adventist blogger friends about categorizing people. Consider the following terms you might have heard attached to Adventism: Historical, Evangelical, Fundamentalist, Evangelistic, Progressive, Liberal, Conservative. They are loaded terms, all of them. Their connotations evoke emotional responses. They have multiple layers of meaning.

Two Theological Worlds to Collide in Loma Linda


The Good News Tour won't be the only show in town September 5 & 6.

At his newly refurbished blog, AdventistExpressions.com (a reincarnation of Progressive Adventism), LLU professor of religion Dr. Julius Nam writes that Dr. Desmond Ford will present two lectures at the Campus Hill Church in Loma Linda that weekend. Des Ford, a popular if controversial figure in Adventism, will offer a view of atonement that varies from the Good News Tour's perspectives--just across campus.

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