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Jared Wright

Iron Jawed Angels: The Fight that Shouldn't Have Been


When I hear people talking about “God-given rights,” I wonder why it always seems to take human bloodshed to secure those rights.

Iron-Jawed Angels (2004) vividly portrays the exhausting struggle that American suffragettes endured to secure a woman’s right to vote, and forces us to confront the inequality and injustices we tolerate—even propagate today.

Does Religious Freedom Trump Gay Rights?


LOMA LINDA – A panel of distinguished Adventist professionals convened Saturday, November 9, at the Loma Linda University Church to discuss whether gay rights trump doctors’ religious liberties.

In a decision filed on August 18, 2008, the California Supreme Court decided that the rights of religious freedom and free speech do not exempt a medical clinic’s physicians from complying with the California Unruh Civil Rights Act’s prohibition against discrimination based on a person’s sexual orientation.

Sticks and Stones


I stood at the intersection of Magnolia and Pierce Street for four hours yesterday with a sign that said "Vote No on 8 - Unfair and Wrong."

It was an unforgettable experience. I got lots of honks and thumbs up. Some took pictures of me with their camera phones and others waved as they sped through my intersection.

I also got plenty of angry shouts and people giving me the finger. People shook their heads and scowled.

Gender Inclusion, Church Finances Mark SECC Fourth Quadrennial Session


Riverside CA – Questions on the status of Church finances in an abysmal economy and gender-inclusive language provided heated discussion and hearty applause in turn during the Southeastern California Conference Fourth Quadrennial Session on Sunday, October 26.

Delegates from constituent churches descended on the La Sierra University Church to have their say in the course the Church will take over the next five years amid troubled times in America.

Morning Session - At Jesus' Feet

Religulous May Offend - See It Anyway


If you have ever watched comedian Bill Maher’s Real Time on HBO (yeah right, what good Adventist watches HBO?), it will probably not surprise you that I saw two people walk out of his new documentary, Religulous, within the first ten minutes. Maher courts controversy. He’s opinionated, brash, and he is funny as [a word that his movie mocks extensively].

How the Book was Inspired


Spectrum asked Chris Lewis, co-author of The Character of God Controversy, to explain how he became inspired to write a book exploring the character of God and His sense of justice.

Question: I note that the book cites scriptural references and carefully selected statements from the writings of Ellen White. In preparing for the writing of this book, did you and Steve Wohlberg consult sources outside of Scripture / Ellen White? What other sources (Adventist or non-Adventist) did you draw upon?

God Kills: A Review of "The Character of God Controversy"


It is evident from the beginning to the end of The Character of God Controversy that coauthors Steve Wohlberg and Dr. Chris Lewis hold unswervingly to the conviction that God is love. At the same time, in their effort to combat what they see as an increasingly threatening idea among Adventists that God doesn’t kill, Wohlberg and Lewis conclude with an air of finality, essentially “God is just and God kills. Deal with it.”

Anglican Apology to Darwin an Example for Adventists


The Reverend Dr. Malcolm Brown, Director of Mission and Public Affairs for the Church of England issued a written apology to Charles Darwin saying, "200 years from your birth, the Church of England owes you an apology for misunderstanding you and, by getting our first reaction wrong, encouraging others to misunderstand you still."

The statement, coming from a leader of the Anglican Church, addresses with symbolic poignancy the extended warfare between the Christian Church and Science. Adventists should take note.

The Good News Wrap-up, Interviews

Good News Tour.jpg

One weekend in Loma Linda, twelve people and twelve presentations in 24 hours freshened the Adventist air with gospel potpourri. No mentions of beasts, horns, dragons or harlots, just a series of refreshing messages that were all Good News all the time from Dr. Desmond Ford, founder of Good News Unlimited, and a formidible cabal of Adventist theologians, ministers and physicians under the banner of the Good News Tour.

Desmond Ford on the Atonement (Video Added)


When Desmond Ford speaks, Adventists still listen. In fact speaking with people who heard Dr. Ford's presentation, it became clear that much, if not most, of Adventism is aligned theologically with Desmond Ford where atonement is concerned. Imagine that! Adventism and Desmond Ford in agreement.

The live updates hit a slight SNAFU amid my running to and fro at Loma Linda today. Namely, my computer decided to wipe all my notes from Dr. Ford's presentation. You know what they say about the best laid plans...

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