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We Must Work While It Is Day

            According to John reports three healing miracles: that of the son of the imperial official (4: 46 – 54), that of the sick man at the pool of Bethesda (5: 1 – 16) and that of the man born blind (9: 1 – 14). In two of these narratives, after the details of the miracle have been described, it is said that the healing took place on a Sabbath.

Paul's Achilles Heel

Paul of Tarsus was not only a malleable instrument in the hands of God, but was most admirable because of the richness of his personality. On the one hand, he was a well educated member of both the Hebrew and the Hellenistic cultures. He was able to build cogent arguments and to analyze what others argue with critical acumen (2 Cor. 3: 4 – 18); Gal. 3: 15; 4: 21 – 31; Rom. 5: 10, 15, 17). He trusted the intelligence of his audience and their capacity to evaluate what he said or wrote.

Limpios por la Palabra

El evangelio Según Juan está lleno de sorpresas. Tal vez sería mejor decir que traza un curso muy particular y tanto sus novedades como su lenguaje hacen que el lector sienta el deseo de estudiarlo más de cerca. Leerlo es descubrir que pareciera haber algo por debajo que debe ser sacado a la superficie. Interpretar sus peculiaridades no es fácil y por consiguiente existen marcadas diferencias entre las interpretaciones del mismo.

Clean by the Word

The gospel According to John is full of surprises. It might be better to say that it charts a course of its own, and both its novelties and language cause readers to take a second look. Reading this gospel is to sense there is something under the surface that needs to be uncovered. To interpret its peculiarities is not easy and, as a result its various interpretations are quite different.

La casa se llenó del olor de su ungüento

El evangelio Según Juan declara que Jesús es el Logos encarnado, el Hijo que vino de Dios y retornó a Dios. Su misión en la tierra fue la de dar vida eterna a los que creen en Él.

The House was Filled with the Fragrance of her Ointment

            The gospel According to John states that Jesus is the Logos incarnate, the Son who came from God and returned to God. His mission on earth was to give eternal life to those who believe in Him. The crucifixion, the lifting up or the glorification of the Son, is the object of faith that separates those who have eternal life from those who do not.

It is not by measure that God gives the Spirit

            The four cherubim with their wheels seen by Ezekiel with God’s glory (Ez. 1: 10; 10: 14) were also seen by John the Theologian next to the throne of God (Rev. 4: 6-7). Their faces were that of a lion, an ox, a man and an eagle. Not long afterwards Christians adopted these four creatures to represent the four gospels. According to John was given the eagle as its icon.

La salud viene de los Judíos


Es imposible leer el evangelio Según Juan sin tomar en cuenta su dependencia del Antiguo Testamento, de la Torah. De la misma manera en que se presupone que el lector está al tanto de todo su contenido desde el mismo principio, también se presupone que el lector conoce las historias de los patriarcas y los libros de los profetas.

Salvation is from the Jews

            It is impossible to read According to John and not become aware of its dependence on the Old Testament, on the Torah. In the same way in which it is taken for granted that the reader knows its content before beginning to read, it is also assumed that the reader knows well the stories of the patriarchs and the books of the prophets and the Psalms.

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