Herold Weiss

God Pours the Spirit Without Measure

It has become common usage to speak of the baptism of the Holy Spirit, but how to understand it does not enjoy a consensus.

Tradition and Experience Prove Inadequate

It should not surprise us to realize that what we claim to know about God may very well turn out to be wrong. Coming to terms with the realization that our images of God may not be at all accurate marks the achievement of some spiritual and theological maturity. I give credit to the Book of Job for teaching me this lesson. The way in which its authors frame the story of Job tells us that they have come a long way thinking about and coming to some conclusions concerning God.

Ellen White: A Subject for Adventist Scholarship

In honor of Roy Branson, founder of Spectrum Magazine, we begin today republishing articles from the Spectrum archives that were written during the Branson era. This first article from 1970, Volume 2, Issue 4, by Branson and Herold Weiss led to an expansion of historical studies of Ellen G. White. A three part series in the Adventist Review later expanded the ideas in this article where Branson and Weiss argued for new methods of study.

Moses is your District Attorney

By the time Jesus was born, Judaism had become centered on the Torah. The word Torah means “teaching” and was used mainly to designate what was taught with authority -- that is, the five books of Moses. When the Jews of Alexandria translated the Pentateuch from Hebrew to Greek, beginning in the 3rd century B.C.E., Torah became Nomos, the Greek word for law. As the giver of the Law, Moses then came to be considered the greatest of the prophets.

Come and See

            The gospel According to John is a fascinating document. There is little doubt that of the four gospels, it is the one that since antiquity has inspired Christians the most. According to Mark shines for its sharp focus on the one who came to give his life a ransom for many and will appear triumphant at the imminent Parousía.

Venid y ved

El evangelio Según Juan es un documento fascinante. De los cuatro evangelios, sin duda, es el que desde la antigüedad ha inspirado más a los cristianos. Según Marcosdeslumbra por la brillantez con que presenta al que vino a dar su vida en rescate por muchos y ha de aparecer triunfante en la eminente Parousía. Según Mateo, con el Sermón del Monte y la promesa que Jesús siempre está presente entre sus discípulos, ha informado los ideales de conducta de los cristianos a través de los siglos.

Where Are You From?

            To the surprise of many, According to John exhibits elements characteristic of docetism. This doctrine says that the disciples saw Jesus alive after his crucifixion because the Logos who became incarnate was a divine being and therefore did not suffer death. In other words, it was not the mission of the Logos to die as an expiatory sacrifice, but to reveal to human beings the way of salvation. His saving mission did not require death and resurrection.

"¿De dónde eres tú?"

Para sorpresa de algunos, Según Juan exhibe elementos que son característicos del docetismo. Esta doctrina dice que los discípulos vieron a Jesús vivo después de su crucifixión porque el Logosque se había encarnado es un ser divino y, por lo tanto, no sufrió la muerte. En otras palabras, la misión del Logos no era morir para realizar un sacrificio expiatorio, sino revelar a los seres humanos el camino de la salvación. Su misión salvadora no requería su muerte y resurrección.

Ríos de agua viva

El agua es indispensable para la vida. Hay organismos que requieren una mínima cantidad, pero aún ellos, no importa cómo estén constituidos, necesitan agua para vivir. En el más árido desierto, bajo la superficie, hay seres vivientes que retienen agua y la usan con sorprendente economía. Ellos también morirían si les faltara el agua. No es una casualidad que la exploración del planeta Marte que se está llevando a cabo en estos días concentra sus investigaciones tratando de establecer si es que en algún tiempo hubo agua. La razón para ello es obvia.

Rivers of Living Water

            Water is indispensable for life. There are organisms which require a very small quantity, but no matter how they are constituted, they need water to live. In the most arid desert, under the surface, there are living things which retain water and use it with amazing economy. They also would die if they lacked water. It is not by chance that the explorations which are now taking place on the planet Mars consider it a priority to determine whether water ever existed there. The reason is obvious.

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