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Helen Pearson

Bruinsma on Adventists and Religious Freedom

Dr. Reinder Bruinsma, writer, retired pastor and specialist in church history, summarized his paper with a question: How does the freedom that Christ gives translate in how we live our faith and in how we relate to others who practice their faith differently from how we do?

The Steep and Narrow Path to Unity

The Jerusalem Council has been reference point of choice for a great deal of the Adventist church’s discussion of unity and diversity. In her ground-breaking lecture, appropriate for what would usually be the Sabbath School hour, Dr. Olive Hemmings, Professor of Religion at Washington Adventist University and President of the Adventist Society of Religious Studies, gave a profound exposition of scripture.

Policy Matters—It Matters a Lot!

Lowell Cooper, former vice president of the General Conference (1998-2016) clearly recognized that his title "Issues in Church Policy"—especially at the end of a day in which six hours had already been devoted to lectures and discussions—was hardly a subject guaranteed to set the intellectual pulses running.

Circumstances Change the Relations of Things

Thursday afternoon at the Unity Conference Rolf Pohler, theological adviser to the North German Union Conference, Germany, examined Ellen White’s attitudes to theological continuity and change in the light of the Adventist church’s contemporary struggles with unity. With a variety of sometimes seemingly contradictory quotations, Pohler made it clear that a close look at Ellen White’s responses to issues of church authority, policy, and structure yields no simple answer to today’s church challenges.

European Adventist Scholars Discuss the Freedom of the Christian

In the 500th-anniversary year of the beginning of the Lutheran reformation, European Adventist theology teachers met in the heart of Reformation country to consider some of the contemporary implications of Luther’s ideas for their belief and professional practice. Seventy teachers of theology from fifteen countries— mostly in the two European Divisions (TED and Inter-European)—met at Friedensau Adventist University April 19-22, 2017.

Reflexión final desde Friedensau: ¿qué hemos aprendido?

[Esta es la quinta entrega de la información sobre el congreso celebrado a mediados de mayo en la universidad adventista de Friedensau sobre el impacto de la Gran Guerra en el adventismo. En esta caso, se trata del segundo informe que escribió Helen Pearson. Puede leer el primero de Pearson pinchando aquí.

El pragmatismo adventista ante la guerra

[Esta es la cuarta entrega de la información sobre el congreso celebrado a mediados de mayo en la universidad adventista de Friedensau sobre el impacto de la Gran Guerra en el adventismo. En esta caso, se trata del primer informe que escribió Helen Pearson.

Final Reflections from Friedensau: What Have We Learned?

By Thursday lunchtime last week, the 19 men at Friedensau Adventist University had told their stories of the various responses of the Seventh-day Church to the First World War and looked at the effects of the war on the church.

War and Adventist Pragmatism at the German Conference

For the last 24 hours I have been listening to Seventh-day Adventist scholars telling the story of their church’s attitude to and participation in war.  Between them, they have told an amazingly moving and varied story – a story which, like all good stories, raises profound questions about Seventh-day Adventists, the God they worship and the faith and spirituality they practice.

Ordination: The Ongoing Search for Understanding

How do you condense 700 pages of meticulous research into a one hour lecture? On Tuesday, 10 September, Dr Bertil Wiklander, President of the Trans-European Division (TED) made a valiant attempt as he shared the results of his two-year search for the biblical roots of ordination.

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