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Hanz Gutierrez

Women Pastors Ordination - Beyond the “Theological” Claim! II

October 27, 2013, Sunday afternoon, Dr. Sandra Roberts was confirmed as Southeastern California Conference’s (SECC) next president. She becomes the first Adventist woman to assume this responsibility. The history-making vote (567 “yes” to 219 “no” or 72% to 28%) overwhelmingly affirmed the conference nominating committee’s recommendation despite a cautionary message from General Conference president Ted N. C. Wilson.

Women Pastors Ordination: Beyond the “Biblical” Claim! – I

On September 21, 2013 the Netherlands Adventist Union officers ordained the first woman pastor in Europe, Ms. Guisèle Berkel-Larmonie. The ordination ceremony was conducted by the Union president Wim Altink at the Christus Koning church in the Hague. On November 11, 2012, the Netherlands Union constituency had already voted to approve the ordination of women. The conference executive committee made that decision effective on May 30, 2013 and announced the action publically July 5, 2013.

Toward an Adventist Political Thought

Fast-moving political events have altered the script for President Obama’s nationally televised speech about Syria. He is now in a position of having to argue for both war and diplomacy in the same address. This speech on international Politics becomes this way an additional event in an unpredictable process that has shifted repeatedly over the past two weeks. No one appears in control of anything in an embrangled political situation. But while the U.S.A.

¿Puede el adventismo ser también latinoamericano? Pertenencia y crítica teológica (III)

En el artículo precedente subrayamos la importancia de la cultura latinoamericana para el desarrollo de la religión en general y del adventismo en lo especifico, indicando en modo particular dos elementos con los cuales Latinoamérica puede contribuir al rescate de una religiosidad actual que por lo mucho se ha doblegado al imperativo contractual típico de la cultura occidental y de todas aquellas que a ella se inspiran.

Does Adventism really understand what Creation is all about?

The way this title articulates the question on Creation evidences an apparently ungenerous doubt toward  Adventism. Adventism has been, in contemporary religious history, the community that may have, more intensively and creatively than others, called back the attention, by theological perspective as much as by religious practice (see for instance the Adventist protological, soteriological, eschatological, anthropological or ethical reflection on the Sabbath), toward Creation as a key point in theological construction.

The Hermeneutical Challenge on Same-sex Marriage

Three somehow unexpected related events, occurred the last days of June, push and give us, as Adventist community, the opportunity to make a pause, to think and to reflect on a particular topic. God doesn’t speak only through the Holy Bible. He does speak as well through the events we daily live together with people who may be don’t believe and he also does through the new awareness these events provoke in us as individuals and as a Christian church.

¿Puede el adventismo ser también latinoamericano? Perspectivas y posibilidades culturales (II)

Sería imposible en esta breve reflexión especificar el carácter y el perfil de la relación entre el adventismo y la cultura latinoamericana en un modo detallado y exhaustivo. El intento sobrio y limitado de nuestra reflexión es llamar la atención sobre la importancia de este diálogo, de una parte en lo que concierne a los varios peligros que pueden surgir cuando este no existe y de otra parte sobre las posibilidades de desarrollo, para la religión y para la cultura, que este diálogo permite cuando está bien articulado.

The Season of the "Sad Passions" - On Today's SDA European Church

Argentinean born psychiatrist and philosopher Miguel Benasayag, now living and working in Paris, published, few years ago, a little book (“Les passions tristes: Souffrance psychique et crise sociale”) on what could be called “cultural sadness”. Picking up and applying Spinoza’s category of “sad passions” he describes the diffuse psychological pessimism, particularly present today in European young people, but tries to read it on a socio-cultural level.

¿Puede el adventismo ser también latinoamericano? Peligros y encrucijadas (I)

La relación entre el adventismo y Latinoamérica es una relación que articula y abre hoy en día un horizonte futuro rico y prometedor. Aunque esta relación no está privada de cortocircuitos, unilateralidades, obsesiones y sospechas recíprocas y constantes, representa sin embargo un espacio humano y histórico creativo de inculturación y de traducción religiosa.

Is the "Good Shepherd" Necessarily a "Good God"?

Everything can be an object of theological trial and theological assessment except God. God is, by definition and after a widespread religious understanding, beyond any rational experimental attempt. Everybody who breaks this basic religious rule would immediately incur in a kind of unforgivable theological temerity, into a rough religious insolence and finally into pure blasphemy. Yet, seen from another perspective, trying to think God is the first task of any theology and of any healthy religious experience.

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