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Douglas R. Clark

Watching “Watchers” Watch Where Jesus Went . . . and Why

Some biblical passages have appropriately earned the reputation of straining the capacity of interpreters to understand and apply them. One such section in the first Letter of Peter to the “exiles of the Dispersion in Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia, and Bithynia” (1:1 NRSV) can be found in 3:14-22. Teachers and preachers have scratched their collective heads for generations, attempting to articulate clearly what these words must have meant to the people who first heard them . . . and then what they might mean to us. And, what difference it makes.

“Revisando las antiguas prendas sacerdotales de la gracia”


(Traducido por Carlos Enrique Espinosa)   

Retro-fitting Ancient Priestly Garments of Grace


Christians are quick to stitch together interpretations regarding priestly garments designed and described for the most part in the Old Testament. It is a time-tested tradition woven together with the help of New Testament priestly imagery especially from the book of Hebrews. But the New Testament has little interest in the attire the new high priest (Jesus) wears; the Old Testament cares a lot about priestly garments and the details surrounding them.

Sansón y el auto-control: ¿Está el hombre fuerte de Israel en una lección equivocada?

Van Dyke, Samson & Delilah.jpg

Sansón fue un héroe de la fe, al menos eso dicen los informes sobre los que brillan en el "Quién es Quién entre los famosos hebreos antiguos" de la Epístola a los Hebreos, capítulo 11. Así que nos preguntamos, ¿cómo es que el heroico hombre fuerte de Israel se destaca en la Lección de esta semana como un contra ejemplo de auto-control?

Samson and Self Control – Has Israelite Strongman Wandered into Wrong Quarterly?


Samson was a hero of faith, at least if one reads the glowing reports in the “Who’s Who among Ancient Hebrew Worthies” of Hebrews 11 (cf. commentary on week 8). So, why is it that Israel’s heroic strongman is singled out in this week’s study guide as a dead-ringer counter-example of self-control?

The Prophet Amos on Gaza


With apologies to the eighth-century Hebrew prophet, Amos, whose opening sermon to ancient Israelites–a back-handed, hard-hitting diatribe due to ethical and moral lapses–has been adapted here to the situation in Gaza 2008-2009.

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