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Dennis Meier


Wise Man Talking

Talk about absurdity, that painful presence of meaninglessness! We bump into it everywhere. This morning, as I ran around Hamburg’s inner-city lake I couldn’t help notice the candles and flowers under the Kennedy Bridge. Two weeks ago, a sixteen-year-old teen was stabbed here by a still unknown assailant for no visible reason. The kid died. This weekend, Isis laid claim to the attack. The thought of my own sixteen-year-old daughter roaming around the same places makes me shudder. Job is everywhere, so it seems.

On the Northern German Union Vote for Women's Ordination

Frustration over the global impasse on the issue of women's ordination has finally led to an amendment of the constitution of the Northern German Union, as the delegates voted on April 23 in Geseke/Westfalia to accord equal rights in ordination regardless of gender. An individual's motion to ordain women was successfully passed through the administrative levels in order to qualify for the agenda. It would be an overstatement to say that discussions were controversial. There was not one speaker on the microphone who spoke against the ordination of women.

Let Us Not Be Practical

This week, as something a little different, we have a video commentary, by Dennis Meier.

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“El rey: ¿bromista o justo?”


(Traducido por Carlos Enrique Espinosa)

El ministerio mesiánico de Abigail

Reni, David-Bathsheba.jpg

El primer encuentro de David con Abigail es una experiencia masculina arquetípica. Al poner de manifiesto esta perspectiva de los impulsos masculinos políticamente incorrectos y sin filtrar, no estoy queriendo agregar combustible el debate de género. Sólo clasifíquelo como las primeras impresiones, espontáneas y honestas, que me causa la lectura de un texto bíblico.

Abigail’s Messianic Ministry

Reni, David-Bathsheba.jpg

David’s first encounter with Abigail is an archetypal male experience. By revealing this insight into politically incorrect and unfiltered male impulses, I am not wanting to fuel up the gender-debate. Just file it under spontaneous and honest first impressions upon reading a biblical text. The passage conjures a question often asked among men and much more often just pondered almost unconsciously: Why are the most beautiful and intelligent women married to complete morons (from Greek moros = stupid)?

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