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David Sedlacek

Be Who You Are

Who am I?  This is one of the most important questions a person can ask. Developing a sense of identity is perhaps the most important task of adolescence. Satan works hard to destroy a positive sense of identity in God’s children by exposing them at a young age to messages that convey that their lovability is dependent upon their performance or that their value and worth are evaluated by what they do rather than who they are. Can you list twenty positive adjectives to describe yourself?

Discipling the Ordinary

Who wants to be considered “ordinary”?  For many of us, the need to be special, to be noticed, is a great human need – anything except “ordinary.”  I would like to suggest that for us to disciple the ordinary, we must first embrace our “ordinariness.” I want to share some of my own story in order to illustrate why many of us struggle with this issue.  I was born on a farm, the second of fifteen children.  Farm life is certainly an ordinary life in many ways: humble, hardworking and in tune with nature.  However, being one of fifteen children does not allow one to re

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