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David Larson

Adam Smith and the Human Impossibility of Benevolence


Those who plunged the entire world into our current economic difficulties have no right to claim Adam Smith, the so-called “father” of capitalism in eighteenth-century Scotland, as their intellectual and moral father, or so I have argued in three previous columns.

Prophets and Trust: A Reply to the Biblical Research Institute


The April newsletter from the Biblical Research Institute at the world headquarters of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Silver Spring, Maryland, features interesting articles.

Adam Smith: Selfishness or Self-Interest?


“Two hundred and thirty years ago,” Harvard economist Edward L. Glaeser recently declared in the New York Times, “Adam Smith made the case for selfishness when he wrote that ‘it is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker, that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own self-interest.'”1 (Emphasis mine)

Milton Friedman: Master of Disaster?


When I suggest that the primary cause of our current economic difficulties is our frequent failure to integrate in theory and practice what Adam Smith (the eighteenth century so-called “father” of capitalism) meant by sympathy and self-interest, I have in mind things like these influential paragraphs that economics Nobel Prize winner Milton Friedman published forty years

Capitalism: What Were Its Moral Strengths and Weaknesses? Part 1


William Kristol, neoconservative leader and Weekly Standard editor, believes that the time has come to rethink capitalism. “It will be important, over the next four years,” he writes in the November 24 edition of his journal, “to fight to save free-market capitalism from the Barack Obama administration.

Gay Rights and the Discretion of Doctors: The Guadalupe T. Benitez Case


Sometimes things are different from what we think they are. This is so about a judgment of the California Supreme Court in August of this year. The case began several years ago when Guadalupe T. Benitez sued her doctors in the San Diego area who had been treating her infertility.

Abortion: Is Required Parental Notification a Good Idea?


Many Californians are so focused on some issues in the upcoming elections that they are avoiding others of equal importance. One of these is Proposition 4, which would amend the state’s constitution so as to require physicians to notify the parents of underage women before giving them abortions.

La expiación y la Iniciativa Divina

(Traducido por Carlos Enrique Espinosa)

Estoy feliz de ser un Adventista del Séptimo día, por muchas razones. Una de ellos es que los adventistas estamos entre quienes rechazan la doctrina de la expiación limitada. Muchos cristianos atesoran esta idea, sin embargo, muchos otros en numerosas denominaciones estamos preocupados por lo que esta doctrina dice acerca de Dios. Mi propia opinión es que sería preferible ser ateo antes que aceptarla.

Atonement and the Divine Initiative


I am happy to be a Seventh-day Adventist for many reasons. One of these is that we are among those who reject the doctrine of limited atonement. Many Christians treasure this idea; however, many others of us in numerous denominations are troubled by what it says about God.

Alternatives in Dying Well: California Doctors Must Now Tell All


Although mentally competent citizens of the United States do not have a right to die, they do possess the right to refuse any medical intervention even if doing so results in their foreseeable deaths. Unfortunately, many dying patients needlessly suffer because they don’t know this. On September 30, Governor Arnold Schwarzenneger of California signed into law legislation that I think will help.

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