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David Larson

Preaching v. Demagoguery: Learning from Professor Roberts-Miller

Preaching and demagoguery differ. One way to understand their differences is to learn from what Professor Trish Roberts-Miller is teaching this term. Her class on demagoguery now meets on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at the University of Texas, Austin.

Three Types of Contemplation: Reflections on Elder Ted N. C. Wilson’s Inaugural Sermon


Like many others around the world I was surprised during his inaugural sermon Ted N. C. Wilson, the newly elected President of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, warned against “contemplative prayer.”

“Panentheism” Is Not a Four-Letter Word!


I gather from what I hear and read that some Seventh-day Adventists might be uncomfortable with panentheism, the idea that “everything is ’in’ God and that “God is ‘in’ everything.

Marijuana: Should California Completely Legalize It?


I am opposed to marijuana for the same reason that I am against alcoholic beverages: they rarely benefit and often they harm. But does it make sense to continue outlawing it except for medical purposes?

Was Jesus of Nazareth Really the Son of God?


Somewhere in the Christmas season between singing the first carol and opening the last present, several related questions cross many minds: Was Jesus of Nazareth really the son of God? Was he truly conceived by the Holy Spirit? Was his mother genuinely a virgin? In short, does the Christmas story actually make sense?

Roy Branson Leads Discussion of “God and the American Health Care System” at LLU


Roy Branson, Associate Dean of the Loma Linda University School of Religion, convened a discussion of health care reform in the United States on Sabbath afternoon, November 7. Branson and his panelists were especially interested in the possible impact of current proposals on faith-based health care institutions. DVDs of the event are available from Dawn Gordon at (909) 558-4956 or

Do We Adventists Have a Vested Interest in Everything Getting Worse and Worse?


It is easy for those of us who are Adventists to think of ourselves as theological short-sellers. Like investors who make money when the stock market goes down, we sometimes feel good when things get bad and very good when they get very bad. The only way we can be optimistic is to be pessimistic. The only way we can be glad is to be sad. The only way we can be hopeful is to be hopeless.

Richard Hays Targets Misreading Scripture at Loma Linda University


Duke University New Testament scholar Richard B. Hays took aim at “Four (or Five) Ways Not to Read the Bible” before a standing-room only audience in the Carrol Small Amphitheater of the new Centennial Complex at Loma Linda University on Thursday evening, October 15.

Conference Keynoters Hold that Homosexual change is “Not Impossible”


The research findings of Wheaton College psychologists Stanton L. Jones and Mark A. Yarhouse deserve our attention because they are scheduled to be two of the keynote speakers at the conference on “Marriage, Homosexuality and the Church” convening October 15 – 17 at Andrews University.

The Disappearance of Adam Smith’s “Invisible Hand”


“What we are experiencing is not a crisis of capitalism,” writes Fareed Zakaria, a scholar, social commentator, and host of a weekly television news program on CNN. “It is a crisis of finance, of democracy, of globalization and ultimately of ethics.”

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