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David Larson

Viewpoint - Seventh-day Adventists and Sex: The Cape Town Conference

The conference titled “In God’s Image:  Scripture, Sexuality and Society” that Seventh-day Adventist officials are leading in Cape Town, South Africa, March 17 – 20, is not likely to accomplish much of lasting significance.  Both those who favor it and those who fear it can, therefore, relax.

Sabbath Sermon: Jack Provonsha/David Larson, "Jack Provonsha Interview"

Apologies for the poor video quality, but we hope the historical interest will override.

In Conversation: Charles Scriven and David Larson

11.06.18 Conversations with Authors: Scriven from Center for Christian Bioethics on Vimeo.

The first in a new series of video interviews with authors, by David Larson.

ATS President Addresses Human Suffering at “The Cross: A Symposium on Atonement”

“The Cross: A Symposium on Atonement” concluded on Sabbath, April 20, with meetings throughout the day at the Loma Linda University Campus Hill Church. The Adventist Theological Society had convened the gathering since Thursday evening, April 18.

LLU School of Religion Dean Compares Atonement Metaphors to Golf Clubs

In sermons at the Loma Linda University Church on Sabbath, April 20, Jon Paulien, dean of the School of Religion, compared the Bible’s metaphors for atonement to golf clubs.

He used this comparison to make three points:

(1) The Bible offers a wide range of metaphors in its interpretations of the execution of Jesus and, more generally, God’s reconciling endeavors;

ATS Symposium Explores Arrogance, Abelard, Shame, Teilhard, Bates, Gethsemane, Apocalypse and Assurance

Although support for the “substitutionary” interpretation of the execution of Jesus of was always close at hand, on Friday, April 19, the presenters at “The Cross: A Symposium on the Atonement” addressed a wide range of topics. They did so under the heading of “Historical and Theological Studies on Atonement” at the Loma Linda University Campus Hill Church.

Andrews University’s New Seminary Dean Unfolds His Interpretation of the Death of Jesus at Loma Linda

On Thursday evening, April 18, at Loma Linda, California, the incoming Dean of the Andrews University Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary offered an interpretation of the death of Jesus.  A native of the Czech Republic, something that became important toward the end of his presentation, his name is Jiri Moskala. The occasion was the first session of “The Cross:  A Symposium on Atonement” which the Adventist Theological Society organized and the place was the Campus Hill Church.

Adventist Theological Society Convenes “The Cross: A Symposium on Atonement” at Loma Linda University

Although all Christians believe that the Roman Empire’s execution of Jesus of Nazareth more than two thousand years ago was an important event, they have somewhat different explanations as to why this is so. As they are everywhere else, these differences are present among the world’s eighteen million Seventh-day Adventists.

What the General Conference Officers Could Say

Within hours of the special constituency meeting of the Pacific Union Conference on Sunday, August 19, that voted 79% to 21% to ordain persons for full-time pastoral and related forms of ministry without regard to gender, the General Conference officers issued a statement that many around the world are experiencing as grim and foreboding. In my view, such darkness is unnecessary;

After Hours

She:  You're home!

He:  Can't believe it.

She:  What?

He:  Another whole day debating.

She:  Decide anything?
He:  Guess so.
She:  What kind of an answer is that?

He:  We disbanded the Columbian Union Conference.

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