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David Larson

Calvin Thomsen’s Discussion of Chapter 3 in “Where Are We Headed? Adventism after San Antonio” Assails Neo-Calvinism

It might seem ironic that a person named Calvin Thomsen would criticize the impact of Neo-Calvinism on Adventist thought and life. Yet this is what he did at the Roy Branson Legacy Sabbath School (RBLSS) in Loma Linda, California on July 8.

Laura Alipoon Highlights Adventist Diversity in Chapter 2 of “Where Are We Headed? Adventism After San Antonio”

“Where did you grow up?” implored Laura Alipoon in a rhetorical response to a severe criticism she had heard about Adventism’s “exclusiveness.” Although she did not make this question the centerpiece of her presentation, it made two important points. These are that (1) Adventism is diverse and that (2) we all have tendency to think that the form of it that we know best is the only one there is.

The Professors Valentine Expand Upon Chapter 1 in "Where Are We Headed? Adventism After San Antonio"

Drawing upon their different resources and experiences, Gil Valentine and Kendra Haloviak Valentine elaborated on Chapter 1 in Where Are We Headed: Adventism after San Antonio by William G. Johnsson on June 24 at the Roy Branson Legacy Sabbath School in Loma Linda, California. The title of this chapter is “Women’s Ordination: The Battle is Over.”

William G. Johnsson Explains Why He Wrote Where Are We Headed? Adventism after San Antonio

William G. Johnsson, longtime editor of the Adventist Review and Adventist World, explained in an interview at the Roy Branson Legacy Sabbath School on June 17 why he wrote his most recent book. Its title is Where Are We Headed? Adventism after San Antonio. Oak and Acorn Publishing, which released it earlier this year, is a new endeavor of the Pacific Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. I did the interview.

"The End" and the Beginning

There is only one serious reason for not being a Biblical monotheist. This is an inability to integrate, theoretically and practically, the idea of a wholly loving and supremely powerful God, on the one hand, and all the evil in the world, on the other. Every other objection is either inaccurate, irrelevant, superficial, or all three.

Our Faithlessness, His Faithfulness

It would be better not to read the book of Judges than to read it without reading a big chunk of the rest of the Bible too.  Read by itself, it is not edifying. 

Viewpoint - Seventh-day Adventists and Sex: The Cape Town Conference

The conference titled “In God’s Image:  Scripture, Sexuality and Society” that Seventh-day Adventist officials are leading in Cape Town, South Africa, March 17 – 20, is not likely to accomplish much of lasting significance.  Both those who favor it and those who fear it can, therefore, relax.

Sabbath Sermon: Jack Provonsha/David Larson, "Jack Provonsha Interview"

Apologies for the poor video quality, but we hope the historical interest will override.

In Conversation: Charles Scriven and David Larson

11.06.18 Conversations with Authors: Scriven from Center for Christian Bioethics on Vimeo.

The first in a new series of video interviews with authors, by David Larson.

ATS President Addresses Human Suffering at “The Cross: A Symposium on Atonement”

“The Cross: A Symposium on Atonement” concluded on Sabbath, April 20, with meetings throughout the day at the Loma Linda University Campus Hill Church. The Adventist Theological Society had convened the gathering since Thursday evening, April 18.

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