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David Barrett

Summer Reading Group: "Love and Boundaries"

This is the fourth post in a ten-part series for Spectrum’s 2015 Summer Reading Group.

Screaming All the (Third) Way

When I was 14, we moved from Chetwynd, a small town in northern British Columbia (BC), to the big city of Vancouver, BC.  As an Adventist teacher's kid, this wasn't particularly new.  By the age of eight, I'd moved four times, covering the breadth of the country.  But this time the loss was greater.  Six years in Chetwynd made it the closest thing I had to a hometown.  I did not want to move; but I didn't have a choice.

Practically Living Together: Roundtable Discussion on the Practicalities of Interfaith Relations

The closing event of the Third Way conference was a four-way panel discussion, moderated by Lisa Clark Diller.  It took the form of a series of questions about interfaith experiences and lessons learned, answered in turn by each of the participants.   The panelists were Muslim Amin Issa, Adventists Valerie Radu and Darleen Handal, and Jewish Deborah Levine.  In addition to spanning a variety of faiths, they represented differences of age, race, culture and gender. 

Postmodern Apologetics?—9 & 10: A Recap and Reflections

This is the ninth post of a twelve-part series for Spectrum’s 2013 Summer Reading Group. Each post will be drawn from chapters of Postmodern Apologetics? by Christina M. Gschwandtner. The reading schedule, along with links to previous posts, can be found here.

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