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Inclusive Ministerial Ordination: An Appeal for Understanding

On September 26, the Columbia Union Conference issued the following official statement

Video: Columbia Union Special Constituency Session Ad Hoc Committee Reports

Potomac Conference President William Miller, Ohio Conference President Raj Attiken, and Metropolitan Seventh-day Adventist Church Senior Pastor Barbara Billingy provide reports from the Columbia Union Conference Ad Hoc Task force to CUC delegates to the Special Constituency Session on July 29, 2012. Video courtesy the CUC website.

Columbia Union Leaders Call for Day of Prayer

The Columbia Union Conference issued the following official statement today.

On Sunday, July 29, the Columbia Union Conference will convene a special constituency meeting to consider a request from the union executive committee to approve ministerial ordination without regard to gender.

In anticipation of that meeting, union president Dave Weigley is asking church members unionwide to set aside Sabbath, July 28, as a day of prayer.

Columbia Union Calls Constituency Meeting to Vote on Ordination

The Columbia Union Conference sent out the following press release:

At its May 17 meeting, the Columbia Union Conference Executive Committee received a report from an ad hoc committee assigned to study how to affirm women in ministry.

After discussing the report (included below), the committee voted:

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