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Wilson's Message on Day One: It’s Our Fault, But We Did a Great Job.

At about 10:30 Thursday morning, delegates watched a video produced by the General Conference Revival and Reformation Committee.  A fictionalized enactment of conversation among Adventist leaders in 1901, and based on an Ellen White letter from twenty months later, the video addresses the delay of the Second Coming.  The startling thesis, put into the mouth of George Irwin, th

First Worship: Exploration of Second Adventism Begins

Communicating heartfelt warmth and irrepressible hope, Janos Kovacs-Biro opened the first General Conference session worship service with a reflection on promises recorded at the beginning of John 14. The passage, on his reading of it, comes down to this assurance from Jesus: I am preparing a place for you. I will return. I will welcome you home.

Together We Can Make It Happen

I have a proposal for you, a project that we can do together to enhance the church community we all love and believe in. It will take money from my pocket and put it into independent media that provides the kind of information required for a community that reads to improve itself. You will benefit by receiving a beautiful journal that explores the Bible creatively, reports independently on church activities, and examines issues from multiple points of view.

Editorial: Jesus’ Stories and Equality for Women

If the church’s path to equality for women is boulder-strewn and mountain-steep, that’s due in part to the sheer audacity of Adventism.

Nathan Brown Confronting Atheism

Nathan Brown and Ryan Bell are good friends. Brown is book editor at Signs Publishing Company in Australia and Bell, the former pastor of the Hollywood Seventh-day Adventist Church, has come off a year-long experiment with atheism.

Ray Tetz Lists Hopes and Concerns for Adventism's Future

Ray Tetz, president of Mind Over Media, the communications firm he founded in 1995, has thrown himself into work that reflects the church’s mission — whether he’s on the larger institution’s payroll or on his own. Mind Over Media works with non-profit organizations — primarily from the healthcare, social action, and international development sectors — to design “mission-rich communication, marketing, and social engagement strategies.”  

Editorial: Esther, Gamaliel and Elder Wilson

Could anyone say the church’s current president bends to the wind of fashion?

Jesus' Manifesto on the Mountain Challenges and Inspires ONE Project Participants

We say Jesus, you are Lord of all.”
--song from the One Project

On day one of the One Project conference, the felt need the speakers seemed to address was Adventism’s need for deeper unity—the need for safety and mutual generosity that could liberate the church for a more expansive mission to the world.

The Ear: A Physician Couple Living an Amazing Mission

Olen and Danae Netteburg defy belief — until you recall the Incarnation.  Then you remember that it is Christ’s way, after all, to go into the far, far country in order to meet overwhelming human need.  

What Shall We Do With Ellen White?

“Very simply—I want honesty.”
—Søren Kierkegaard
If the person who is forgiven much can love much, as Jesus said, such a person can also face self-deception and begin to overcome it. The virtues grow in the soil of grace. What is true for the individual, moreover, is true for the community: grace can burn away our sins. And now, with the new flowering of Ellen White scholarship, it is high time—again—for honesty about the church’s prophet. What Kierkegaard said in his criticism of the church in Denmark, each of us must also say.

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