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The Ear: Terrie Dopp Aamodt on Ellen Harmon White

With two colleagues — the late Gary Land, who taught history at Andrews University, and Ronald L.

The Ear: Nicholas Zork on Ministry “Outside the Subcultural Vortex”

This week The Ear listens as a single individual offers perspective on his own life and work, and on challenges facing Adventism today in the major western cities.  Nicholas Zork, a graduate of Andrews University, is a musician and worship leader.  (He has led out at some of the One Project meetings.)  Along with his physician wife Noelia, he is the parent of

The Ear: Heart, Soul and Mind in San Luis Obispo

Heart, Soul and Mind, a Sabbath morning discussion circle, has been meeting at the San Luis Obispo Seventh-day Adventist Church on the California coast since 2007.  The co-leaders are Arturo Tabuenca, a managing partner with a firm that specializes in socially responsible investing practices, and Craig van Rooyen, a prosecuting attorney and poet (see his

The Ear: The Pearsons on Sabbath School and Church Life “at the Edges”

Most adults who worship at the Newbold Church do not participate in a Sabbath School class.  At least in Adventism’s older strongholds, most churches are probably similar in this regard. But great classes still work. The Newbold class led by Mike and Helen Pearson has met for some 35 years, drawing anywhere from four to 40-plus to a room in Salisbury Hall, Newbold College’s administration building. Subject matter makes a difference.

The Ear: Oberg on Building a Community for Christ

After a career in clinical nutrition, Chris Oberg turned to biblical studies.

The Ear: Oberg on Building a Community for Christ

After a career in clinical nutrition, Chris Oberg turned to biblical studies. Undergraduate and graduate work at La Sierra University prepared her for a pastoral vocation that now unfolds at the site where she began her serious engagement with the Bible.  She is lead pastor of the La Sierra University Church, where the congregation’s ministry, she says, focuses on “the younger generations” and on what she calls “92505,” her local community.

Discipleship – 2: In Praise of Obedience

This is the second post in a nine-part series for Spectrum’s 2014 Summer Reading Group.

The Ear: John Brunt, Pastor-Preacher-Scholar

Among Adventist preachers and academics, John Brunt is practically legendary for the simplicity and depth that somehow come together, week after week, in his preaching.  

The Ear: Jerry Arnold, Pastor-Evangelist

With his wife Karen, Jerry Arnold founded the Collegedale Community Church, near Southern Adventist University, in 2001.  The congregation now has 1,600 members. 

The Ear: Richard Rice on Affirming Faith and Challenging Distortion

Richard Rice is a prolific and influential Adventist theologian, having written, early on, a book on The Openness of God — the gift human freedom, he argued, puts limits on divine control and thus on divine foreknowledge — that continues to provoke discussion outside as well as inside of Adventist circles. 

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