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Charles Scriven

Free Will or Determinism?

Does physical law entail that humans are no more in charge of themselves than machines? Are we self-deceived if we imagine that our choices make a difference?

Is the IBMTE Harmless?

A week before publication, the two unnamed persons who are the subjects of this account received a copy of what appears below. —Charles Scriven 

I can’t put a pretty face on this story. Except as human hearts bend toward contrition, there will be no happy ending.

Perspective: A Pocket Guide to the Christian Use of Power

 A Pocket Guide to the Christian Use of Power

Editorial: The Cancer We Must Defeat

“No one dared
Disturb the sound of silence” 
—Simon and Garfunkel

Eschatology Without Excuses

This editorial first appeared in Volume 44, Issue 2 (Spring 2016) of Spectrum.

The Importance of Being Endorsed

For religion teachers at Adventist colleges and universities, an official endorsement process by the General Conference is part of the plan spelled out in Handbook of  the International Board for Ministerial and Theological Education (IBMTE).  But many are resisting the idea, and the resistance includes the leadership of the N

The Reformation and the Remnant: The Reformers Speak to Today’s Church

In this book lawyer and church historian Nicholas P.

Could We Try Servant Leadership?

Perhaps not.  But Jesus distinguished between between those who “lord it over” others and those who truly serve (Matthew 20 and parallels), and today many Adventists contemplate that distinction with a longing that approaches desperation.

Who Are the True Heirs of the Reformation?

For the first time ever at a major conference, scholars of church history this past week brought Anabaptists into the conversation about the Reformation’s meaning for the Adventist Church. Well- and lesser-known reformers came into play every day, raising provocative questions about the church’s identity and spiritual health.

Editorial: The Road to Irrelevance—And Back

What I care about most is getting back. I care about hope. So who can rip off the blinders that make the church’s high bureaucracy think we’re headed in the right direction when we’re not?

No single person can.  All seeing is skewed, almost as if blinders were sewn into human skin, not just buckled on. Still, a jarring moment, shared with others, can widen the view and generate a stab of awareness, perhaps even new determination to see more clearly.

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