Charles Scriven

Could We Try Servant Leadership?

Perhaps not.  But Jesus distinguished between between those who “lord it over” others and those who truly serve (Matthew 20 and parallels), and today many Adventists contemplate that distinction with a longing that approaches desperation.

Who Are the True Heirs of the Reformation?

For the first time ever at a major conference, scholars of church history this past week brought Anabaptists into the conversation about the Reformation’s meaning for the Adventist Church. Well- and lesser-known reformers came into play every day, raising provocative questions about the church’s identity and spiritual health.

Editorial: The Road to Irrelevance—And Back

What I care about most is getting back. I care about hope. So who can rip off the blinders that make the church’s high bureaucracy think we’re headed in the right direction when we’re not?

No single person can.  All seeing is skewed, almost as if blinders were sewn into human skin, not just buckled on. Still, a jarring moment, shared with others, can widen the view and generate a stab of awareness, perhaps even new determination to see more clearly.

The Advance Conference: Jesus and the Church’s Health Ministry

Fortified by the evening meal they were enjoying, 100 persons met after the close of the One Project proper on Monday to consider how the church’s medical and gospel missions can “blend.”  One mark of One Project idealis

One Project Day 2: Instead of a Paper People

If your church puts words on paper ahead of Jesus, it’s “just an empty building filled with paper people.”

The One Project: You Can’t Stop the Dawn

With 1,000 faces turned toward the ballroom screen, the video narrator said her last words: “He died…he rose…let that unite us

Why Does Jesus Christ Give Offense?

The following editorial first appeared in the Fall 2015 Volume 43 Issue 4 of Spectrum Magazine. To obtain a copy of the journal, contact the Spectrum office, or become a member of Adventist Forum and receive the journal four times a year.

At ASRS, Christ in Scripture and Sermon: A Puzzle

Insight outstripped irony.

Scholars with the Adventist Society for Religious Studies (ASRS) were gathered in Atlanta for reflection on the church’s witness in “the Public Square,” the theme of this year’s annual meeting.  Now, with members joined in Sabbath morning worship, William Johnsson, the former editor of the Adventist Review and, in 1979, the first president of ASRS, was the preacher. 

Adventist Philosophers—Swimming in the Deep End

How, if at all, does God-talk matter?

UltraViolet: Gentle Takedown, Reason for Hope

Like families, churches are flawed. Without gestures of love and reconciliation, without conversation toward renewal, they slump toward tedium and discord, or even break into pieces. Thus our own church, like any other, stands always on the razor edge of danger.

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