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Carmen Lau

Book Review: The Day the Revolution Began

In-Between People: Avoiding Idolatry

Does the Christianity you know live up to the Jesus you love?

Humble Listening: A Courageous Act

Several brave people received their moments of fame in 2016. The film Sully was about Chesley Sullenberger, the pilot who landed a jet on the Hudson River in 2009 and saved all 155 people on board. I cried at the theatre as I watched Tom Hanks portray Sully’s methodical completion of the feat, and I marveled at his resolve not to leave the sinking plane until all passengers were evacuated.

Stunted by Fear of a Slippery Slope

“An alert community will always subject its metaphors, especially its favorite metaphors, to critical analysis.”  -–Charles Scriven1

“There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear.”  -–1 John 4:18

Burn the Witch

If I can target the problem, I can turn chaos into order.
If I can find the contaminating element, I can get rid of it.
If I can discover who is to blame, I can eliminate her, sacrifice him, or torture them.

Unlikely Pairings

The art of cooking has always included using varied combinations, but it seems like food culture has taken an accelerated interest in unlikely food pairings:

Blueberry and ginger pie
Blood orange and red onion salad
Peanut butter and curry ice cream
Dark chocolate and beet brownies

Living In Day Tight Compartments

In 1986, while organizing some office space at Loma Linda University, I unearthed a stack of small yellow books that had been bulk purchased by Dr. Harvey Elder, a spiritual wayfarer who happened also to be an infectious disease specialist. The discovery of the book, “A Way of Life: Living in Day Tight Compartments,” would be one of the nodal points of my kingdom pilgrimage. I read it annually. Deliberately, I chose to review it in the early morning hours prior to going to the hospital for the scheduled delivery of each of my three children.

Greg Boyd Talks God's Non-violence, Theology and Evangelical Christianity

Dr. Greg Boyd is the keynote speaker for the upcoming Adventist Forum Conference in Silver Spring, Maryland titled Non-violence and the Atonement. In this Q & A with Adventist Forum board member Carmen Lau, Boyd describes his ministry, his views on God's non-violence, and why he is hesitant to self-describe as Evangelical.

Living Loved: God Is With Us

How can one know God’s presence?
How can one live in the presence of God?

Taoism and Christianity: Anything in Common?

A few years ago, I was called to fill in when the expected Sabbath School teacher, through an honest mix up, did not come. In what was doubtless a Holy Spirit lift, I found myself speaking about the importance of discipleship with greater depth and understanding than I had previously consciously known. It came together more beautifully than I am typically able to accomplish when I spend hours in preparation. The pastor then crowned this experience by focusing on discipleship in his sermon; actually repeating several of the angles we had discussed in class.

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