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Carmen Lau

Editorial: Go Set a Watchman

After reading Harper Lee’s recently-published novel, “Go Set a Watchman,” I wonder if many of us are feeling as Scout did when she stumbled upon piercing flaws of her much admired father, Atticus. At the 2015 General Conference Session, the capacity for instant communications and quick analysis displayed the limitations of administration within our massive church organization, perhaps for the first time. Many people have felt troubled, as they try to reconcile a long-standing love and respect for the church with displeasing procedural machinations.

Editorial: The False Discipleship of Scapegoating

The notion of fervent discipleship has become, for some, a constant effort to tweet and post about heresy within the church and then make sure that the widest audience possible is aware of the perceived danger. I know Elder Ted Wilson had the best of intentions in 2010 when he told the audience at the General Conference Session, “Hold them accountable.” I am also sure that he did not envision the path this would take. The admonition to “hold them accountable” is causing our denomination to spiral into endless public shaming of perceived variant targets.

Editorial: Hearing the Shepherd and Listening for Truth

I live on five wooded acres, which would be a vast kingdom for my dog—if my dog came when called.  But she does not, so Sandy’s activities are limited to a small fenced play area with sporadic supplemental walks on a leash.  When touring the renovated Birmingham zoo, my family was pleased to see the elephant space had been expanded to include several acres of tree-speckled terrain.  When the zookeeper showed us the sturdy structure at one end, which could house the elephants during periods of severe weather threat.

Servant God: A Review

How is Jesus like God? What if God is just like Jesus?

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