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Carlyn Ferrari

Sabbath Sermon: Teach Less Better

Charles Scriven delivered the conference’s Sabbath sermon and spoke about the Adventist tendency to become obsessed with the “message.” Using a medical analogy about the dangers associated with the use of blood transfusions used in cancer surgery, Scriven explained that Adventists' preoccupation with “doctrinal purity” is hazardous and destructive.

This Adventist Life: A Lesson on Listening


Friday evening the conference opened with a performance from Pacific Union College’s Dramatic Arts Society. Inspired by the popular NPR radio show, This American Life, Alexander Carpenter and PUC Resident Artist Mei Ann Teo, who also served as the director, created this play with the intention of illustrating the nuances of Adventist identity and culture. Borrowing a quote from a fellow PUC colleague, Alex opened the play by explaining that Adventism is not something that we should define or refine; it is something that we must experience.

Reviewing "Seven Pounds"

Seven Pounds.jpg

Tim Thomas (Will Smith) seemed to have a fairytale life: a beautiful wife, a breathtaking beach house, and a wonderful job as an aerospace engineer. However, like you and me Tim Thomas is human and has made mistakes. It is one particular mistake that changes both his life and the lives of seven people forever.

Film Club Discussion: For the Bible Tells Me...What?


For the Bible Tells Me So provides intimate accounts of the struggle to reconcile homosexuality with religion. With interviews from Gene Robinson (the first openly gay Episcopal bishop), Desmond Tutu, and Chrissy Gephardt (LGBT activist and daughter of Congressman Dick Gephardt), For the Bible Tells Me So illustrates that though the names, faces, and religions may be different, the plight for reconciliation and acceptance is universal.

What’s not to Love, Actually? The Ultimate Christmas Romantic Comedy


So what do you get when Hugh Grant is the Prime Minister of Britain and Bill Nighy is the self-proclaimed “granddad of Rock and Roll” attempting to make a comeback? Well, you get a romantic comedy, actually. Love Actually is a classic romantic comedy (even though it only came out four years ago) that attempts to answer whether love really is all around us.

Set in London, England the film follows six couples, a rock star, and a thrill-seeker during their busy Christmas season and chronicles their experiences with love.

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