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Bonnie Dwyer

Adventism’s Two Theological Societies Agree to November Meeting


The presidents of Adventism’s two theological societies—Zack Plantak, president of Adventist Society for Religious Studies and Roy Gane, the president of the Adventist Theological Society—will address a joint session of the two societies in New Orleans in November.

A Worship Service to Remember


St. Paul’s Chapel, one of the first buildings to be designated an official landmark by the city of New York, stands on the Columbia University campus at the top of a hill. Walking through Harlem for the first time to get there on a November Sabbath, I was enchanted by the time we reached the 1904 structure of stone and brick built in the Renaissance Revival style, it is as impressive on the inside as the out. (But it is not to be confused with the St. Paul’s Chapel vintage 1766 that stands near the World Trade Center site in lower Manhattan.)

Taking Care of Women and Children


The Honorable Lady Justice Mary Ang’awa, judge in the High Court of Kenya, was honored as Woman of the Year at the Association of Adventist Women’s Conference, October 11, 2008.

The standing of women and children in society has always been important to Judge Ang’awa. In the 1990s, she established the SINAGA Center, a charity to empower children through literacy, numeracy, home-management and market-oriented skills. Twenty-five hundred children have undergone training in this program.

Soaring with Adventist Women Honorees


When Cheryl Saunders sat down at the piano on Saturday night, the bustling in the banquet hall ceased. She turned to the microphone beside her and began singing the simplest of songs—Jesus Loves Me—but as she riffed on the melody in her soaring operatic soprano voice, she took her listeners to another level. The audience cheered. And with that lyrical beginning the 26th annual awards ceremony for the Association of Adventist Women (AAW) began.

Forum Conference - Stories from the Public Square


“Nothing motivates us as much as seeing people do what we admire,” Roy Branson told the attendees of the Adventist Forum Conference at the final session. His interviews with two Adventist activists concluded the sessions on Christians in the Public Square.

The Disciples as Master Guides


Somewhere along the way, the disciples mentioned in the title of this week’s lesson got lost. Rather than learning from the experiences of Andrew, Philip, Bartholomew, Simon, or Thomas, we are encouraged to find principles for missionary activities in the charge Christ gave the disciples in Matthew 10.

AF Conference Speaker Featured in New Yorker


Joel Hunter and the New Evangelicals

“We’re at a watershed in our history,” Joel Hunter told New Yorker writer Frances FitzGerald. “What has passed for an ‘evangelical’ up to now is a stereotype created by the people with the loudest voices. But there’s a whole constituency out there that it doesn’t apply to.

Filmmaker Martin Doblmeier Talks About Forgiveness


Documentary filmmaker Martin Doblmeier made a film last year called The Power of Forgiveness that won critical acclaim - and got people talking. The film examines the role forgiveness can play in alleviating anger and grief, as well as the physical, mental and spiritual benefits that come with forgiveness. The Power of Forgiveness won Best Film award at the Sun Valley Spiritual Film Festival in 2007.

Doblmeier talked to Spectrum about the impact the film has had.

Libros para la mesita de luz: Otra clase de fe

(Traducido por Herold Weiss)

Si es cierto que Dios excede todos nuestros esfuerzos por contenerlo, ¿es una exageración decir que lo que más tienen en común los cristianos es el estar pasmados? ¿O decir que reunirnos para confesar todo lo que no sabemos es una actividad al menos tan sagrada como la de proclamar lo que creemos realmente saber?—Barbara Taylor Brown

CSI Goes to the Library

People of the book.jpg

With the title People of the Book, Geraldine Brooks' latest novel was a must read for me. When it turned out to be one detective story after another involving the Sarajevo Haggadah, I was hooked.

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