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Bonnie Dwyer

General Conference Proposes Year of Grace for Unions

On Thursday, the Seventh-day Adventist General Conference and Division Officers Committee (GCDO) will again consider the topic of unions that have voted to ordain women.

UPDATE: General Conference Considers Taking Over “Rebellious” Unions

A rewrite of the proposal to discipline the unions that have voted to ordain women was requested in the committee known as GCDO—General Conference and Division Officers—after about an hour of discussion

Gracelink Sabbath School Curriculum Replaced, Teacher Survey Online Now

Gracelink, the children’s Sabbath School curriculum developed by the Seventh-day Adventist Church for its children’s ministries worldwide, is being replaced.

The Importance of Being Endorsed

For religion teachers at Adventist colleges and universities, an official endorsement process by the General Conference is part of the plan spelled out in Handbook of  the International Board for Ministerial and Theological Education (IBMTE).  But many are resisting the idea, and the resistance includes the leadership of the N

Catch 22 for Paul Ratsara and Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division

In the Seventh-day Adventist organizational chart division presidents have lines of authority that go up and down. These individuals are both vice presidents of the General Conference who report to the General Conference president, and the chief operating officer of their division reporting to the Division’s Executive Committee. 

Protest and Consequences at Pacific Union College

A student demonstration made its way across the campus at Pacific Union College today ending at the President’s Office where President Heather Knight met with the students. She praised them for their peaceful march and prayed with them for the college.

Springtime at the Mall of Adventism

Dark clouds squeezed out big fat raindrops for the opening of Spring Meeting at the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists headquarters.  Division officers from around the world and newly appointed Executive Committee members were gathered to assess the numbers crunched from tithe and year-end giving, dividends on investments, a

Responding to the Search for the Beautiful

What does it mean to practice creativity?

In the current issue of Spectrum, that topic is explored in multiple ways. Of course, it is addressed in the articles such as Aaron Beaumont's candid discussion about the importance of process in creating music. He says, “creativity is the art of sitting down to create with intention—to practice creativity and view the world creatively—that makes all the difference.”

Weniger Society Honors Roy Branson, Robert Lemon and Sandra Roberts

Ethicist Roy Branson, recently retired General Conference Treasurer Robert Lemon, and Southeastern California Conference President Sandra Roberts were honored February 20, at the Weniger Society’s Forty-first Awards Presentation in the Loma Linda University Church Sanctuary.

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