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Bonnie Dwyer

Springtime at the Mall of Adventism

Dark clouds squeezed out big fat raindrops for the opening of Spring Meeting at the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists headquarters.  Division officers from around the world and newly appointed Executive Committee members were gathered to assess the numbers crunched from tithe and year-end giving, dividends on investments, a

Responding to the Search for the Beautiful

What does it mean to practice creativity?

In the current issue of Spectrum, that topic is explored in multiple ways. Of course, it is addressed in the articles such as Aaron Beaumont's candid discussion about the importance of process in creating music. He says, “creativity is the art of sitting down to create with intention—to practice creativity and view the world creatively—that makes all the difference.”

Weniger Society Honors Roy Branson, Robert Lemon and Sandra Roberts

Ethicist Roy Branson, recently retired General Conference Treasurer Robert Lemon, and Southeastern California Conference President Sandra Roberts were honored February 20, at the Weniger Society’s Forty-first Awards Presentation in the Loma Linda University Church Sanctuary.

Gratitude in the New Year

It was just about 5 o’clock on Tuesday when the phone rang. A reader in South Dakota was calling with his annual donation, and of course, to share stories. I heard about his trip to Alaska in his motorhome and the rocky road conditions in the Yukon. In my e-mail box, messages keep popping up through the day notifying us when an online donation was made.

Our Thanks and Gratitude for Those Who Gave

Giving Tuesday prompted a surge in donations to Spectrum. We received $12,216 from 34 donors. Our thanks to each and every one of them for making a difference in our community.

Thanks to Wayne in New Mexico, Gavril in North Carolina, Wendy in Texas, and Deanie in Georgia. How wonderful it is to be able to bring together people from across the United States. Thanks to Joyce in Oregon, Juli in Idaho, Carmen in Alabama, and Rosalie in New York.

Adventism in the Public Square

With the candidacy of Ben Carson creating new media interest in Adventism, the topic of Adventism in the Public Square chosen by the Adventist Society for Religious Scholars for their annual meeting could not have been more timely.  Last week the scholars met in Atlanta, Georgia to present papers, draft statements, worship and in all these things, explore the topic with creativity.  

Nine Seminary Professors Request Commissioned Credentials

In response to the July vote of the General Conference session, denying divisions the right to decide whether or not to ordain women to the pastoral ministry, nine professors at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary of Andrews University have requested to have their ordination credentials replaced with commissioned ministers’ credentials, the same credential given to women, according to Jiri Moskala, dean of the Seminary

Two Women of the Year Honored at GC

Two women who have served the General Conference with incredible spirit and grace were honored as Women of the Year at a Women’s Ministries (WM) Dinner Monday evening.

Annual Council 2015—Where Is The Real Mission Field?

Now that 92 percent of the 18.8 million Seventh-day Adventists live in the Global South, where are the mission fields today? In the secular north? In the 10/40 window?  In countries like Somalia and Yemen that have few if any Christians?

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