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Annual Council Diary IV: On to the Fundamentals

Numbers and words topped Sunday’s agenda during the first business sessions at Annual Council. But really it was all about people. As Division presidents introduced new Executive Committee members, the governing body welcomed the first delegate, a woman, from the Chinese Union Mission.

Annual Council Diary III: Faith, Love and Satan

Traditional Sabbath worship services are held in the General Conference Chapel during Annual Council.  Sabbath School began with Carol Barron, an enthusiastic  chorister, leading the audience in clapping and saying hallelujah as they sang “If you’re happy and you know it.”

Getting Personal: Annual Council Diary II

Annual Council Diary II

While the members of the General Conference Executive Committee have gathered to attend to church business at Annual Council, the meetings began with what could best be described as continuing education. Known as the Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) Conference, this year the sessions were very personal, beginning with the health talks on Thursday evening. Friday’s topic continued that personal slant as speakers, case studies and skits focused on appointments and disappointments.

Secretismo y manipulación en la pasada conferencia sobre Biblia y Ciencia

Parece que dos especies de grillos machos en Hawai han desarrollado una incapacidad para cantar para poder escapar de las moscas asesinas. Cuando leí acerca de su situación en el sitio web de la BBC bajo el titular "Los grillos de dos lugares se callan para sobrevivir" me hizo pensar en los científicos adventistas. Si bien siempre ha sido difícil para ellos hablar sobre la evolución en nuestra cultura adventista basada en la creación, la reciente Conferencia Internacional sobre la Biblia y la Ciencia en St.

And So It Begins: Annual Council Diary I

Annual Council Diary I

Every five years the Seventh-day Adventist church holds a General Conference session to elect officers, vote changes in the policies and practices of the church, and review beliefs and mission statements. The Annual Council session of the General Conference Executive Committee that vets all items for that meeting opened Thursday evening. Speculation about how the issue of women’s ordination will be handled has been swirling about since the completion of the Theology of Ordination Study Commission ended in a three-way divide over the issue.

El presidente de la Asociación General abre la conferencia sobre Biblia y Ciencia

La Conferencia Internacional sobre Biblia y Ciencia abrió con una gran explosión el viernes 15 del pasado agosto en Las Vegas, cuando el presidente de la Asociación General, Ted Wilson, dijo a los profesores, científicos y administradores presentes, y a pastores de todo el mundo que, "si uno no comparte la idea de que la tierra fue creada recientemente en seis días, entonces esa persona no es en realidad un adventista del Séptimo Día ".

Taking The Next Step

Thank you, Spectrum readers. You have made possible the next big step in the history of our organization. Jared Wright begins his work as the full-time managing editor of the Spectrum website today.

With the successful fund raising campaign of the past year, the Adventist Forum Board of Directors decided to invest the additional resources into the growth area of our audience on the web site.

Real Names and the State of the Commentariat

In philosophy and other areas of controversy, like politics, we often come to adopt a view on a disputed matter. When this happens, then even if you recognize the reasonableness of contrary views, you can come to really feel that your view is right, to the point that it can feel as if you know that it’s true. And I think that taking such a strong stand on a disputed issue can be good.

Remembering William A. Loveless

William A. Loveless, born January 17, 1928, died today, September 15, 2014. 

Bible & Science Conference Reflections: The Silent Crickets

It seems that two species of male crickets in Hawaii have evolved an inability to sing so that they can escape killer flies.

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