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Perspective: "GC Session 1901: What Might Have Been, What Was and What Still Is"

The recently released video “What Might Have Been” has sparked a renewed interest in the epochal General Conference Session of 1901. The film has been reviewed on Spectrum by Bonnie Dwyer and Gerry Chudleigh.

Review: Noah

From the moment I saw the trailer for Noah, I was immediately interested in seeing the movie.  I know movie trailers can be misleading, but this one appeared to be right on track. “How else could they change such a simple, straightforward story?” I mused. I thought that even with the occasional artistic license, Noah could offer enough interest for a believer like me.

Viewpoint: Before Men and Angels - Sabbath at GYC

The 2014 Generation of Youth for Christ (GYC) meeting was held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, from January 1-5. The GYC (former General Youth Conference) is an independent ministry started in 2002 by college kids that has taken the NAD territory by storm, and recently branched into Europe (a second meeting is planned for this summer in Austria). Supported by the General Conference and sponsored by the deep pockets of ASI, GYC is thriving.

Pope Francis’ Message to the SDA Church

The pontificate of Pope Francis has been nothing short of surprising. Coming after years of the highbrow and intellectual mannerisms of Benedict XVI, Francis is winning hearts and minds across the globe by insisting the church come down from its pedestal and engage humanity. In recent photos, Francis is seen hugging two disfigured men. Those pictures have gone viral. People are asking: Is he the “reincarnation” of Pope John Paul II?

In a statement today, Tuesday Nov 26 2013, Francis said:

Breve estudio sobre el uso de joyas en la iglesia a la luz de las escrituras

Desde los albores del movimiento adventista, abstenerse del uso de joyas, adornos, maquillaje y pinturas se estableció como una marca de la identidad adventista. Las razones de esta práctica se encuentran principalmente en dos pasajes en el Nuevo Testamento, 1 Timoteo 2:9, 10, y 1 Pedro 3:3, 4.

The “Old Spirit of Blind Sammy Hancock:” Meeting a Colorful Early Adventist Preacher

As I did research for a chapter on Ellen White and the Indiana “holy flesh movement” for the book En Espíritu y en Verdad (Pacific Press, 2013) I came across a statement in a letter from Hattie Haskell to Ellen White (1900) about one “blind Sammy Hancock.” Since I had never heard about him, I decided to take a detour from my main subject and find out who he was. I was able to dig up several relevant details in the Adventist Archives of the Review and Herald going back to 1864.

New Pope, Old Prophecy?

Jorge Mario Bergoglio, an Argentinian Jesuit, has been chosen as the new leader of the 1.2 billion Catholics worldwide. For Adventists, this has been a time of renewed interest in the Papacy and its place in traditional Adventist prophetic interpretation.

Orlando Adventist Forum Report: Florida Hospital and the Challenge to the 1863 Health Vision

Lars Houmann, President and CEO of the Florida Division at Adventist Health System (AHS) was the speaker for the Orlando chapter of the Adventist Forum on Feb 9, 2013. The topic: "Florida Hospital and the Challenge to the 1863 Health Vision". The meeting was held at the Florida Hospital Seventh-day Adventist church on the campus of the Adventist College of Health Sciences. Houmann's profile was featured in the February 2013 men's health issue of the Lake Mary Healthy Living magazine.

Adventists, Guns, and the End of the World

Friday, December 14, 2012, is yet another day which will “live in infamy” in the American psyche.

In the aftermath of the massacre of children and teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary perpetrated by a gunman with severe mental problems and easy access to quite a cache of powerful weapons, America is in a fierce debate over gun control, mental illness, and national security.

Drilling a Little Deeper: How long has snow fallen in Greenland?

I appreciate Dr. Bull’s response, "Ice Cores and the Flood: A Response to André Reis" to the questions I posed to his articles “Bringing the Real World to Genesis: Ice Cores and Scripture Part I—How Many Years Has Snow Fallen on Greenland?” and “Ice-Cores and Science Part II—Grecian Lead Mining Confirms Ice-Core Chronology”. 

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