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New President Named at Union College

Union College has hired its first woman president. Dr. Vinita Sauder replaces John Wagner, retiring this summer.

NAD Women's Ministries Director Talks About Campaign to Combat Abuse

This weekend, the GC and North American Division are sponsoring a summit on abuse, as part of the enditnow campaign. We asked Carla Baker to tell us what is happening with the campaign against abuse, and what we can expect at the summit. Baker has been director of the North American Division Women’s Ministries department since 2006.

ASI Free Clinic Treats Thousands

Last Friday, more than 3,000 people lined up for healthcare at a free pop-up medical clinic in Oakland, California, sponsored by the Adventist-laymen's Services and Industries. Most of the volunteer doctors, dentists and other professionals from around the state and even further afield were Adventists.

Restructuring of Publishing Houses Possible

The General Conference has announced that a restructuring of the North American Division's publishing houses is being considered. Under the new plan, the Review & Herald Publishing Association in Hagerstown, Maryland, and the Pacific Press Publishing Association in Nampa, Idaho, would continue as two separate publishing entities, but one would be attached to the General Conference and would no longer operate printing and production facilities.

Behind the Scenes of Loma Linda's New TV Show

Melody George attended film school at Southern Adventist University, and then freelanced in Los Angeles for several years before joining the “Life on the Line” team. She directed and edited Episode 3: “End It Now,” and assisted in editing and shooting some of the other episodes.

What Dr. Ben Carson is Up To

James Hamblin has published a profile of Dr. Ben Carson in Politico Magazaine called: "Who Is Dr. Ben Carson? And why is he sort of running for president?" For anyone who wonders what the latest is on Carson, his possible run for political office, and his views on the Affordable Care Act, this article sums it up nicely.

Theology of The Record Keeper Disputed

Today, the General Conference's Biblical Research Institute released a list it called "Theological Problems with The Record Keeper." The BRI enumerated what it believes to be inaccuracies under three headings:

  1. View of God and His Perfect Creation
  2. View of Christ and the Atonement
  3. View of the Holy Spirit

Here is the entire text of the document from the Biblical Research Institute:

20 Years Ago: Remembering Rwanda's Sabbath Massacre

On April 12, 1994, thousands of Tutsi refugees sought safety in the Adventist church in Mugonero, in the Rwandan countryside. And on April 16 - this day 20 years ago - they were killed. It seemed unbelievable. Adventists inside the church; Adventists outside. Adventist church members killing each other?

The Record Keeper's Makers Express Disappointment at Its Cancellation

Many people have expressed disappointment that The Record Keeper has been cancelled, including its creators.

Branch Davidians (and Adventists) Revisited in The New Yorker

Malcolm Gladwell talks about Waco survivor Clive Doyle's book in the March 31 New Yorker, and how the FBI's refusal to take David Koresh's theology seriously precipitated the 51-day stand-off and tragedy in Texas.

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