Alita Byrd

Theology of The Record Keeper Disputed

Today, the General Conference's Biblical Research Institute released a list it called "Theological Problems with The Record Keeper." The BRI enumerated what it believes to be inaccuracies under three headings:

  1. View of God and His Perfect Creation
  2. View of Christ and the Atonement
  3. View of the Holy Spirit

Here is the entire text of the document from the Biblical Research Institute:

20 Years Ago: Remembering Rwanda's Sabbath Massacre

On April 12, 1994, thousands of Tutsi refugees sought safety in the Adventist church in Mugonero, in the Rwandan countryside. And on April 16 - this day 20 years ago - they were killed. It seemed unbelievable. Adventists inside the church; Adventists outside. Adventist church members killing each other?

The Record Keeper's Makers Express Disappointment at Its Cancellation

Many people have expressed disappointment that The Record Keeper has been cancelled, including its creators.

Branch Davidians (and Adventists) Revisited in The New Yorker

Malcolm Gladwell talks about Waco survivor Clive Doyle's book in the March 31 New Yorker, and how the FBI's refusal to take David Koresh's theology seriously precipitated the 51-day stand-off and tragedy in Texas.

Woman Conference President Omitted from Adventist Yearbook

The Adventist Yearbook is now live online, meaning that changes are reflected as they are made to the Yearbook database at the General Conference.

GC Leaders Plan Conference on 'Alternative Sexualities' in South Africa

UPDATED March 8 10:30am to include comments from the General Conference --Top leaders and administrators of the Adventist church will be congregating in Cape Town, South Africa, in a little over a week for the ‘In God’s Image:’ Scripture, Sexuality, and Society Summit.

The Sabbath Sofa Seeks to Make Adventism Relevant

Vili Costescu is one of the three people behind the Sabbath Sofa project, where passersby in a busy London shopping area are invited to take a rest on a sofa, talk about what makes them tired, and consider taking a break from the world for 24 hours every week. He talked to Spectrum about the genesis of the project and how it works.

Judge Rules In Favor of La Sierra

A California Superior Court judge granted a summary judgment on Wednesday in favor of La Sierra University in a lawsuit filed by three former La Sierra administrators and faculty members.

Columbia Union Names First Woman Vice President

The Columbia Union Conference in the Mid-Atlantic has appointed its first woman vice president. Today at the Union’s executive committee spring meetings, Celeste Ryan Blyden was promoted from assistant to the president for communication to vice president for strategic communication and public relations. 

Columbia Union President Prays in US Senate

Columbia Union President Dave Weigley offered the opening prayer on Tuesday for the US Senate, at the invitation of US Senate Chaplain Barry Black. 

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