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Alisa Williams

The Year's at the Spring

There is an expectant energy that happens this time of year. Spring, as we like to say, is in full bloom. Each morning, I wake to birdsong and the sun breaking on the horizon. Spider webs glisten with dew and the air smells like wet earth and lilacs. There are dandelions everywhere.

Perspective: What Twitter Can Teach the Adventist Church about Women

On its surface, Twitter is a social networking service not all that dissimilar to its cousin Facebook. Users write and read messages called “tweets” that are 140 characters or less. If a user wants to talk about a particular topic, they use a hashtag. This allows other users to find people who are tweeting about the same subjects. For example, recent top trends include #Hamburglar, #NationalDayofPrayer, #BenCarson, and #ElectionDay.

Perspective: Monica Lewinsky Challenges Us All to #ClickWithCompassion

In 1998, I was 14 years old. My memories include navigating 8th grade and Algebra, my crooked teeth feeling the injustice of braces, and the excitement of setting up my very first email account.

North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists Affirms Role of Regional Conferences

On March 25, 2015, the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists affirmed the need for regional conferences in an

The Small, the Mighty, the Chosen

I find myself reflecting on the story of David and Goliath this week. It is a story that captivated me as a young child, as I think it does most children. In this story, we find David, a young shepherd, thrust into a situation much bigger than himself, both literally and figuratively. It is not a situation he thought he’d be in, and yet, here he is, taking a stand for his beliefs and his people against a giant.

Andrews University Holds Forum on State and Regional Conferences

BERRIEN SPRINGS - The Andrews University chapter of the Adventist Peace Fellowship in collaboration with the Andrews University Student Association, Black Student Christian Forum and thirteen student clubs on campus, held a forum on State and Regional Conferences Saturday, March 7, addressing a topic that has generated a great deal of conversation in the past month.

The event invitation circulated on Facebook the week preceding the forum stated:

Andrews University President Apologizes for Student Article

On Wednesday evening, March 3, Niels-Erik Andreasen, president of Andrews University, issued an apolgy for an article that appeared in Andrews’ official student newspaper, the Student Movement. The article, written by Andrews student Nathan Davis, appeared in the February 25 edition of The Student Movement and was entitled “On Black History Month.”  Davis, who

Winter Stories on a February Evening

February is drawing to a close, but for most of the country the days are still too short and the nights far too long. Each morning, the sun makes a feeble attempt to peek through the clouds only to quickly scurry back again, leaving cold and frost to overtake the evenings once more. A heavy blanket of snow covers the ground, and though I know spring is right around the corner, the never-ending chill in my hands and feet tell a different story.

Dwight Nelson's MLK-Weekend Sermon Spurs Petition to Eradicate Ethnic Conferences

During his January 17, 2015 sermon entitled “Why I Believe in the 1,000 Man March After Ferguson,” Pastor Dwight K. Nelson, senior pastor at Pioneer Memorial Church, called for an end to ethnically separated conferences in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Shortly afterward, a petition from Pioneer Memorial Church to the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists went up on

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