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Andrews University Board Meets to Select Next President

The Andrews University Board of Trustees is holding meeting now through tomorrow, March 1. The main topic on the board's agenda is the election of a new president for the university. The university’s Presidential Search Committee has indicated that it narrowed a list of over 80 down to two candidates.


The February, a form
Pale-vestured, wildly fair –
One of the North Wind’s daughters,
With icicles in her hair.

Excerpt from “The Masque of Months” by Edgar Fawcett



Blessed be Thou for all the joy
My soul has felt today!
O let its memory stay with me
And never pass away!

I was alone, for those I loved
Were far away from me,
The sun shone on the withered grass,
The wind blew fresh and free.

2015: Significant Events in Adventist Education

Every year is marked by highs and lows in the realm of Adventist education, and 2015 was no different. Arguably, this year has contained more speculation, analysis, and opinions regarding the future of Adventist education, its usefulness, and its necessity, due in large part to the announced closure of Mount Vernon Academy near the beginning of 2015.

A Litany of Thanksgiving

Every year at Thanksgiving dinner, before the prayer is said, it’s become a tradition in my family to go around the table and say what we have been thankful for this year. Perhaps your family has a similar custom. It seems the ritual has been around for much longer than you or me – as The Book of Common Prayer’s beautiful litany holds true as much today as it did when originally published in 1549.

In celebration of this Thanksgiving Day and the season of giving on which we are about to embark, I’d like to share this Litany of Thanksgiving:

The Great Disappointment of 2015: The De-Valuing of Women

In the weeks leading up to today, October 22, 2015, I’ve seen numerous articles about the Great Disappointment of 1844 sprouting up around the internet. Some are humorous, others poignant and thought-provoking. Many mention the more recent heartache of the General Conference Session in San Antonio, that some are calling, aptly, “The Great Disappointment II.” 

The Very Top of Summer

A flash of heat lightning. The smell of freshly cut grass. The insistent hum of cicadas. The sights, sounds, and smells of summer are at their peak in August.

As author Natalie Babbit writes in her classic children’s novel, Tuck Everlasting:

A Challenge to Fellow Millennials: Be the Change You Wish to See

In the wake of the women’s ordination vote on Wednesday, July 8, during General Conference Session 2015, many Millennials have expressed pain and frustration over the outcome. Some have even questioned whether there is a place for them within the Seventh-day Adventist church.

Below, young adults share their call to fellow Adventist Millennials:

#GCFashion: A Celebration of Diversity

Last Sabbath, July 4, General Conference Session 2015 attendees flooded into the Alamodome and Convention Center dressed in traditional attire from their home countries. To celebrate this beautiful display of the diversity present in the Seventh-day Adventist church, we took to Twitter with #GCFashion. Here is a roundup of the best of the best from last week.

Millennials Respond to the Vote on Women’s Ordination

Day Seven, (Wednesday, July 8), of the General Conference Session saw the vote on women’s ordination. There were a total of 2,363 ballots cast with 977 “Yes” votes (41%), 1,381 “No” (58%) votes, and five delegates who abstained (1%).

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